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Download Website Updated 19 Apr 2009 Spindown

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Spindown is a daemon to spin down idle disks and thus save energy and give the disks a longer lifetime. It also works with USB disks and hot-swappable disks because it uses the device ID to identify the disk instead of the device name (such as hda or sdb). This means that it doesn't matter if the disk is swapped while the daemon is running.

Download Website Updated 02 Apr 2012 lpmd

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A daemon to monitor sensors and power supplies, scan processes to match the command name, and on the basis of this change cpufreq policy and put CPUs in an offline state, configurable in Lua and using fuzzy logic rules.

Download No website Updated 25 Oct 2011 Deskolo

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Deskolo is a client/server system for gathering data about and managing computer power consumption. It allows you to switch systems off when there is no user activity outside of pre-defined activity periods, and back on again using Wake-on-LAN packets.


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H2 Database Engine

A Java SQL database engine.


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A public domain version of lzip.