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Download No website Updated 15 Dec 2003 Quick Order

Pop 60.43
Vit 1.43

Quick Order is a realtime ordering system using Java Wireless HTTP Form. It uses J2ME libraries to submit forms to an HTTP server running PHP and MySQL. It can run on any embedded device that supports Java Wireless, including mobile phones and Palm systems. It is ideal for making orders in restaurants, point of sale (POS), etc. It supports English and Chinese Big 5 encoding.

Download No website Updated 07 Mar 2005 RedPOS

Pop 52.15
Vit 1.76

RedPOS is a simple and rock solid point of sale (POS) application. The POS is based on the JBoss MicroKernel, has a flexible graphical interface, and can easily be connected to different backoffice/ERP systems. Its functionality can be extended during runtime.

Download Website Updated 03 Jan 2003 Retail Auto Auction

Pop 60.52
Vit 2.15

Retail Auto Auction provides a complete network-based Point-of-Sale software solution for an auto auction company. The program currently interfaces with a MySQL database and it can be installed on any number of machines that act as clients and connect to the database. In addition to tracking buyers/consignors, vehicles, and sales, the program includes powerful and extensible reporting capabilities. For instance, reports on buyer participation, vehicle history, car lists, etc. are available and can be exported use with a spreadsheet. Contract printouts are generated for a dot matrix printer suitable for triplicate form printing. Retail Auto Auction is written in Python and Qt.

Download No website Updated 28 Apr 2004 Roomba

Pop 102.41
Vit 2.80

Roomba aims to provide a complete PMS (Property Management System) and CRS (Central Reservation System) for hotels of all sizes. Roomba is a J2EE-based application.

No download Website Updated 30 Nov 2005 RubyCommerce

Pop 12.49
Vit 1.00

RubyCommerce is an e-commerce Web application created specifically for the small-to-midsize digital enterprise. It features complete order management, real-time dynamic pricing of shipping services, printing of shipping labels for FedEx and UPS, management of returns and exchanges, and integration with most industry-standard online payment processing platforms, including Authorize.net, Paymentech, and CyberSource. A transaction security module is included for automatic fraud detection and verification-based order routing.

Download Website Updated 12 Sep 2005 SL-POS

Pop 58.63
Vit 2.02

SL-POS is a patch that adds significant point of sale and retail management capabilities to SQL-Ledger. Current features include several ways of tracking till cash drawers, online till closing routines, rudimentary portable data terminal integration, POS hardware support (Pole displays, receipt printers, cash drawers), and more. It is commercially supported.

No download Website Updated 17 Feb 2001 SX Microcontroller Serial Video Display: S...

Pop 17.26
Vit 69.64

SERVID is an intellegent RS232 video terminal (4x20 character display) in one chip; the Ubicom (formerly Scenix) SX microcontroller. Using only some resistors, the program generates NTSB or PAL video signals via software (bit banged).

No download Website Updated 24 Oct 2005 Sequoia Open Source ERP

Pop 76.06
Vit 1.00

Sequoia Open Source ERP is an ERP suite that offers e-commerce, point of sales, inventory, warehouse, manufacturing, customer service, and content management applications. It is written in Java, can be deployed on Linux/Unix and Windows, and is compatible with MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and most other major relational databases.

Download Website Updated 29 Jun 2008 Simple Invoices

Pop 110.31
Vit 6.82

Simple Invoices is a clean, simple, and basic Web-based invoicing system. It is meant for personal invoices, home office invoicing, small organization invoicing, and basic POS (point of sale) systems for light usage. Its goals are to be easy to use, simple and clean, and focused on its task. It is not meant for heavy-use POS applications, nor is it meant to be enterprise ready.

Download Website Updated 04 Nov 2009 Smart Restaurant

Pop 67.75
Vit 1.52

Smart Restaurant started as a fork of the well known My Handy Restaurant. It now has a full fledged administration interface and an AJAX-powered POS interface.


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