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Download Website Updated 28 Sep 2001 RDTJ

Pop 25.14
Vit 2.07

RDTJ lets you take a catalog of mp3s and construct a Web-based jukebox system around them which can play through a sound card. It's ideal for controlling a stereo at parties.

Download Website Updated 16 Sep 2001 Car Multimedia System

Pop 24.17
Vit 68.11

CMMS (the Car Multimedia System) is a Linux-based operating system distribution for homemade car MP3 players. Input is handled using a numeric keypad, and output is displayed on a LCD display or with speech synthesis.

Download Website Updated 10 Sep 2001 squelch

Pop 31.86
Vit 2.51

Squelch is a player dedicated to Ogg Vorbis. It features a sophisticated playlist manager and a Vorbis tag editor. Most popular output types are supported.

Download Website Updated 06 Sep 2001 DreamPlayer

Pop 9.85
Vit 68.18

Dreamplayer is a Linux console multiformat player. It supports TwinVQ and wav file formats.

Download Website Updated 02 Sep 2001 MP3 Jukebox-Tk

Pop 31.75
Vit 1.46

MP3 Jukebox-Tk is an organizer/jukebox for local MP3 collections. It sorts your MP3 files by band and presents a jukebox-style interface to let you choose which ones to play. It then passes these off to XMMS for playing. It also keeps stats on what you listen to.

Download Website Updated 29 Aug 2001 mixplayd

Pop 12.00
Vit 1.00

mixplayd is a multi-channel MP3 player daemon controlled over a TCP port. It has all functions like play/pause/stop/seeking plus special mixer functions. The number of channels and sound devices (including named pipe support) can be changed at run time. It is meant to be used in conjunction with a playlist-maintaining client.

Download Website Updated 19 Aug 2001 ksmp3play

Pop 21.45
Vit 1.75

Ksmp3play is an ncurses-based MP3 player with features such as song rating and volume settings for each song.

Download Website Updated 31 Jul 2001 ELMP:TNG Server

Pop 8.94
Vit 1.42

ELMP:TNG Server is the server component of the Embedded Linux MP3 Player, a digital audio jukebox with some unique features. It is designed to run on customized PC hardware as part of a HiFi system or car stereo, but could also be used as a backend for a desktop MP3 player. Features include multiple playlists, a VFS layer, and plugins for decoder/output/vfs functions.

Download Website Updated 17 Jul 2001 wavnorm

Pop 17.94
Vit 2.15

wavnorm is a simple command line utility to destructively maximize or alter the colume of a stereo .wav file. It's handy for making the volumes of a range of .wav files consistent before or after mp3 conversion, audio CD burning, etc. nplay is a simple .wav player with VU meter and peak meter. nrecord is a simple .wav recorder with VU meter and peak meter. Although simple the VU meter greatly aids getting optimum recording quality. nplay and nrecord use the newt text mode library.

Download Website Updated 09 Jul 2001 RMP Download for Java

Pop 9.54
Vit 1.44

The RMP Downloader for Java is a library to do whole-album downloads from MP3 music sites such as Emusic.com. Previously there was only support for the RMP format in FreeAmp and Real JukeBox.


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A utility to edit text tags in an ICC profile.


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Babel Router

A distance-vector routing protocol for IPv6 and IPv4.