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No download No website Updated 21 Jul 2008 Secured Object for Database Abstraction

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Vit 2.46

Secured Object for Database Abstraction is a database abstraction layer for PHP with the ability to store encrypted properties in a read-only or write-only way.

Download Website Updated 04 Sep 2010 FXL Template

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Vit 1.78

FXL Template an easy to use template engine offering all the basic features of a template system. It supports simple text/array assignments, blocks, and nested blocks. Well-used regular expressions and the simple template syntax are responsible for quick template processing. The template markup is quite easy to learn, even for those not into programming. A Memcache extension for high traffic pages is freely available.

No download Website Updated 10 Jul 2008 WebExplore

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Vit 46.36

This project class is to display a Windows Explorer like view of files and folder and have some basic facilities. The project has been developed keeping in mind the observer-observable design pattern. It can run on any operating system and supports PHP5.x only.

Download Website Updated 02 Feb 2009 Clker.com WordPress plugin

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Vit 2.10

The Clker.com WordPress plugin allows you to easily search Clker.com as you are writing your WordPress posts, then insert any clipart without the need to upload any images or files. The plugin is very easy to use.

Download Website Updated 11 Jul 2008 Clker.com TinyMCE Plug-in

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Vit 1.00

The Clker.com TinMCE Plug-in can be used to search for Clker.com clipart from within TinyMCE and insert the three possible sizes of any image inside the generated HTML.

No download Website Updated 04 Dec 2008 Tarzan

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Vit 1.46

Tarzan is a fast, powerful PHP toolkit for building Web applications with AWS. It has complete support for Amazon S3, CloudFront, EC2, SimpleDB, SQS, and Amazon Associates. Its support for MultiCurl allows for fast batch operations. It provides a caching layer for speeding up frequently accessed operations. It is well documented and well supported.

Download Website Updated 04 May 2014 psx

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Vit 45.94

PSX is a PHP framework for creating RESTful APIs. It helps you to build clean URLs serving Web standard formats like JSON, XML, Atom, and RSS. It includes a handler system that abstracts away SQL queries from domain logic, a routing system that executes correct controller method for the location of the controller and the method annotation, and a flexible data system that converts database records into formats like JSON, XML, Atom, and RSS. A lightweight DI container handles dependencies. The controller supports request and response filters that can modify the HTTP request or response, and filters are provided for Basic and Oauth authentication.

Download Website Updated 28 Jul 2008 Zym Framework

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Zym is an application level PHP5 framework that streamlines the development of applications in a consistent manner using a set of defined conventions and patterns. It is based off of Zend Framework and therefore inherits ZF's loose-coupled "use-at-will" architecture. Zym becomes the "glue" for bringing Zend Framework's components together to simulate a "full-stack" framework without the restrictions of one.

Download Website Updated 26 Feb 2009 Porte

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Vit 1.82

Porte is a framework designed to save time and to simplify the development of relational database applications written in PHP. It saves you from writing repetitive SQL to interact between your objects and the database. It can retrieve, search, and save objects without a single line of SQL.

Download Website Updated 13 Aug 2008 Rex

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Vit 1.42

Rex is a PHP class to help secure your scripts. It can log activity to a file (IP, date/time, and text). It checks if the IP of the user is a proxy. It checks for XSS attacks via GET and POST methods.


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A portable cross-platform library and a set of applications for chiptunes playback.


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A barebones Napster client written in Tcl/Tk.