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Download No website Updated 08 Jun 2002 XML_XPath PEAR Class

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The XML_XPath PEAR Class allows easy manipulation, maneuvering, and querying of a domxml tree using both xpath queries and DOM walk functions. It uses an internal pointer for all methods on which the action is performed. Results from an xpath query are returned as an XML_XPath_Result object, which contains all the DOM functions from the main object. This class tries to stay as close as possible to the DOM Recommendation. It is important to note that this is only an interface for the PHP domxml library. It depends on that library available (--with-dom) and hence requires PHP 4.2.1. This class is useful if you are looking for a fast implementation to XML documents.

No download Website Updated 29 May 2002 Advanced HTTP Client

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Advanced HTTP Client is a PHP class which implementes an HTTP client. It supports GET, HEAD, and POST methods, HTTP cookies, chunked transfer-encoding, HTTP 1.0 and 1.1 protocols, and keep-alive connections.

Download Website Updated 03 May 2003 bTemplate

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bTemplate is a PHP class that facilitates the separation of PHP code and various markup languages (HTML, XML, etc.). It provides simple variable interpolation, loops, complex (nested) loops, simple conditionals, and case loops. By default, it uses XML compatible syntax, but the opening and closing tags can be customized.

Download Website Updated 28 Jul 2004 Hermes

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HERMES is a Web application framework designed to help provide a rapid application development framework for business tools with an initial focus of CRM (application included). It provides an integrated and flexible approach to business tools, and allows for database abstraction, library models, user rights management, and other critical areas.

Download Website Updated 15 Dec 2004 AlberT-cache

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AlberT-cache is a fast and portable full-page caching system for PHP.

Download No website Updated 10 Jun 2002 docXP

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docXP is a programmer's tool that can be used to generate XML and HTML describing PHP classes. It supports XSLT themes, four different XSLT processors, and includes a complete reusable 'reflection' package.

No download Website Updated 10 Jun 2002 svgGraph

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svgGraph takes an array or multiple arrays of data and outputs a graph in SVG format. This class is extensible, as the SVG language allows for a high degree of control over the output.

No download Website Updated 14 Jun 2002 Advanced Form Framework with PHP

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Advanced Form Framework with PHP lets you generate forms inside a table using classes and methods. It supports CSS, so changing the style is a snap.

No download Website Updated 12 May 2014 getID3()

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getID3() is a PHP script that extracts useful information from MP3s and other multimedia file formats. It extracts information like the play time, bitrate, and resolution from the following file formats: MP3, Ogg Vorbis, WAV, AVI, Matroska (MKV), MPEG-1 video, Windows Media (ASF, WMA, WMV), RealAudio & RealVideo, Monkey's Audio, FLAC & OggFLAC, VQF, Speex, Musepack (MPC), AAC, AU, VOC, AIFF, OptimFROG, WavPack, LiteWave, LPAC, RKAU, SZIP, Shorten, Quicktime, NSV, MIDI, ZIP, ISO9660, TTA, PhotoCD, BMP, PNG, GIF, and JPEG. It parses information from ID3v1, ID3v2, Ogg Vorbis, Lyrics3 v1 & v2, RIFF (AVI, WAV, CDA, CART, BWF), APE, ReplayGain, PNG, and GIF tags, and can write ID3v1, ID3v2, APE2, FLAC, and Ogg Vorbis tags.

Download Website Updated 04 May 2004 phppdflib

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phppdflib is a PHP class that allows dynamic generation of PDF files. It focuses on being easy to use, without requiring special Web server configuration. It currently supports automatic JPEG and PNG image embedding, as well as manual embedding of bitmapped image formats. Several methods of text placement (specifically designed for easy layout) are supported.


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A portable cross-platform library and a set of applications for chiptunes playback.


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A barebones Napster client written in Tcl/Tk.