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Download Website Updated 10 Jul 2012 csvgrep

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csvgrep is a commandline program which enables users to execute searches on text-delimited files using a rudimentary query language. Its query language is bound to simplicity and expressivity, to be easily comprehensible. It aims at replacing both grep and awk when you are challenged to retrieve information from a text-delimited file based on the content of a specific field (or column). You can get what you want using the semantic already in the file’s underlying structure.

Download Website Updated 17 Aug 2013 NagminV

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NagminV is a fork of Frederick Reimer's NagMin. The author regards NagMIN as the best configuration tool for Linux, but development looks to be frozen.

No download Website Updated 17 Jul 2013 Triceps

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Vit 3.13

Triceps is an innovative embeddable Complex Event Processing (CEP) system. It can be thought of as an in-memory database driven by triggers, or a data-flow machine working on a stream of events, or a spreadsheet on steroids. The major architectural advantages of Triceps include the direct use of procedural logic (as opposed to all-SQL systems), support of both compiled and general scripting languages (C++, Perl), light weight, and easy extensibility.

Download No website Updated 19 Aug 2013 LoginIDS

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LoginIDS provides functions to analyze log files from different services in order to detect unusual login behavior. The normal user behavior is learned by analyzing log files and saved in a database. Logins are analyzed by time, service, source, and destination address. If a user's login is new or considered unlikely by LoginIDS, an alert is generated. Alerts can be handled by external scripts and viewed using the log file management system Splunk and the LoginIDS App.

Download No website Updated 15 Dec 2013 GPCSlots2

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GPCSlots2 is a console/terminal text-based casino game. It includes five slot machines, three roulette games, and two dice games. Ther are eight market funds to virtually invest in. A progressive jackpot is added to by all machines. Status can be printed to HTML.

Download Website Updated 16 Nov 2013 Cobra - WinLDTP

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Cobra - WinLDTP is a cross platform GUI automation tool.

No download Website Updated 10 Aug 2012 neurofeeder

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The most tedious thing to do when using a neural network is the creation of the learning data files. neurofeeder was created to produce the data files, avoiding having to deal with many CSV files.

Download Website Updated 19 Aug 2012 DocTool

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DocTool is a documentation tool for C/C++. It lets you write tutorials and documentation for your C++ project in a restructured text dialect.

No download Website Updated 25 Aug 2012 Logarithm

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Logarithm is log monitoring software. It reads all lines from files and sends them to a remote server where data is written to a database, classified, and presented in a Web UI.

No download No website Updated 09 Sep 2012 mdShow

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mdShow is a Markdown-based presentation generator. It generates one Web page, manages formats with a style page, and adds navigation support. Presentations are written in plain text using Markdown, and each slide or section is separated with "!".


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