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Download Website Updated 22 Feb 2009 Digest::Perl::MD5

Pop 22.91
Vit 1.61

Digest::Perl::MD5 is a pure Perl implementation of RSA's MD5 algorithm. You can install it without a C-compiler. It's really slow compared to Digest::MD5, so you should only use it where you cannot use Digest::MD5.

Download Website Updated 22 Oct 2007 Diogenes

Pop 110.65
Vit 4.69

Diogenes is a tool for searching and browsing the Latin and ancient Greek texts published on CD-ROM by the Packard Humanities Institute and the Thesaurus Linguae Graecae. It comes as an easy-to-install stand-alone application for GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows, based on the Firefox browser (i.e. Xulrunner). Alternatively, it can be installed by a network administrator as a server on a local network, and users then access it via an ordinary Web browser. There is also a command-line tool which can optionally format output as LaTeX instead of HTML.

Download Website Updated 20 Jun 2006 Disc-Cover

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Vit 8.39

Disc-cover provides an easy way to produce covers for audio CDs. It scans audio CDs and uses information from the CDDB or CDINDEX database to build a back and front cover for the CD. Output is in Latex, Dvi, PDF, Postscript, HTML, plain ASCII, or any other format suited for cdlabelgen.

Download Website Updated 31 Jul 2002 Dispair

Pop 22.85
Vit 1.09

Dispair (DISPlay Archives In Realtime) is a tiny CGI-script written in Perl that lets users browse tar.gz archives.

No download Website Updated 05 Apr 2002 Distributed Artificial Life

Pop 29.26
Vit 1.84

DLIFE is a distributed version of Tom S. Ray's Tierra artificial life program. It uses spare CPU cycles to simulate a distributed soup of living cells.

No download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 dlkern

Pop 14.46
Vit 1.44

dlkern downloads the current stable/beta/prepatch Linux kernel and its signature, and verifies the signature via GnuPG.pm. Versions are specified on the command line as -s (stable), -b (beta), or -p (pre-patch) (all 3 may be specified at once). Downloads are done via ncftpget, wget, or Net::FTP. It allows specification of 2-letter country code for the kernel mirror system, and selection of compression format (.gz/.bz2).

Download Website Updated 04 Feb 2011 dmcat

Pop 35.14
Vit 3.30

dmcat is a Digital Music CATalog program. Written in Perl, it recurses a physical directory, searching for digital music files, and builds a virtual catalog (out of symbolic links) in a sister directory. It currently only supports the MP3 format using ID3 tags. The following hierarchies are supported: Album, Artist, Artist_Album, Genre, Miscellaneous (catch-all), Title, and Year.

Download Website Updated 03 Sep 2001 dnscvsutil

Pop 18.06
Vit 1.85

dnscvsutil maintains your DNS zone files under CVS control, and automatically updates reverse zones.

Download No website Updated 30 Jan 2001 dnshack.pl

Pop 11.45
Vit 1.00

dnshack.pl is a quick program to update a BIND8 dynamic DNS via the command-line.

Download Website Updated 20 Sep 2005 DNSSEC Walker

Pop 73.48
Vit 3.93

DNSSEC Walker is a tool to recover DNS zonefiles using the DNS protocol. The server does not have to support zonetransfer, but the zone must contain DNSSEC "NXT" or "NSEC" records. Optionally, it can also verify DNSSEC signatures on the RRsets within the zone.


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A high performance Web load balancer.


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A server logfile statistic analysis program.