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Download Website Updated 21 May 2010 CentralNic Toolkit

Pop 78.97
Vit 10.58

The CentralNic Toolkit is CentralNic's system for instantaneous Registry-Registrar Communications. Registrars can use this system to register and modify CentralNic domain names in real time, with no delays for human intervention or e-mail processing. The Toolkit also provides advanced and efficient methods for searching for and querying domain names and whois records, and retrieving account information.

Download No website Updated 30 Jan 2001 CfgTie

Pop 18.81
Vit 1.00

CfgTie is a package of Perl modules and tools. These make it easier to configure and maintain Unix computers. The idea is that just about everything in your machines environment can be operable through a single consistent interface. This is a set of tools that make many of the various configuration subsystem in your machine appear to be Perl variables of some sort.

No download Website Updated 06 Mar 2011 Chart-Clicker

Pop 26.68
Vit 1.00

Chart::Clicker aims to be a powerful, extensible charting Perl package that creates really pretty output. Charts can be saved in PNG, SVG, PDF, and PostScript format. Clicker leverages the power of Graphics::Primitive to create snazzy graphics without being tied to a specific backend.

Download Website Updated 07 Feb 2003 Chipcard::CTAPI

Pop 12.17
Vit 1.00

Chipcard::CTAPI is a Perl module for accessing chipcard terminals based on the standardized CTAPI library. It provides not only the CTAPI functions but also a complete set of convenience methods for easy reading and writing of memory cards. Chipcard::CTAPI comes with a couple of demo applications, including a tool to create encrypted file systems with randomly-created passwords which are then stored on a memory card.

Download Website Updated 15 Jul 2013 Class::EHierarchy

Pop 23.90
Vit 3.57

Class::EHierarchy is intended for use as a base class for custom objects. The objects need one or more of the following features: orderly bottom-up destruction of objects, opaque objects, class-based access restrictions for properties and methods, primitive strict property type awareness, and alias-based object retrieval.

Download Website Updated 13 Mar 2009 Class::MethodMaker

Pop 18.57
Vit 1.98

Class::MethodMaker is a Perl module to generate accessor methods automatically, making it easier to build classes following a certain style.

Download Website Updated 02 Mar 2004 Class::XPath

Pop 28.14
Vit 2.33

Class::XPath is a Perl module which adds XPath-style matching to your object trees. This means that you can find nodes using an XPath-esque query with match() from anywhere in the tree. Also, the xpath() method returns a unique path to a given node which can be used as an identifier.

Download Website Updated 06 May 2003 CodeKit

Pop 32.48
Vit 1.42

CodeKit is an interface to a universal database code table. It takes all of the programming work out of maintaining multiple database code definition sets. A single code administration page lets you define new virtual code tables and enter all codes and their descriptions. Perl and PHP classes retrieve the code descriptions and automatically generate HTML code selection elements.

Download Website Updated 15 Oct 2003 CogniX

Pop 11.92
Vit 62.29

The CogniX framework is a tool for creating, modifying, and maintaining dynamic database-enabled Web applications. It is completely object oriented.

Download Website Updated 13 Mar 2009 Compress::unLZMA

Pop 10.10
Vit 1.77

Compress::unLZMA is a wrapper for the LZMA SDK to provide LZMA decompression in Perl scripts.


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A fast and tiny logger for Java.


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A system to allow unattended reboots with an encrypted root file system.