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Download Website Updated 25 Nov 2010 Perl HL7 Toolkit

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The Perl HL7 Toolkit provides a simple but flexible Perl toolkit for using the HL7 protocol. The toolkit consists of a Perl API for manipulating HL7 messages, an implementation of a pluggable forking HL7 server for developing HL7 capable applications in Perl, and a queue daemon for polling non-HL7 queues, like database, filesystems, etc., and translating messages in these queues into HL7 (and vice-versa).

No download No website Updated 26 Dec 2013 CPANPLUS::Dist::Slackware

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Vit 5.25

CPANPLUS::Dist::Slackware creates Slackware-compatible packages from Perl modules available at the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network (CPAN).

Download Website Updated 17 Feb 2009 ExifTool

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Vit 1.55

ExifTool is a platform-independent Perl library plus a command line application for reading, writing, and editing meta-information in image, audio, and video files. It supports many different types of metadata including EXIF, GPS, IPTC, XMP, JFIF, GeoTIFF, ICC Profile, Photoshop IRB, FlashPix, AFCP, and ID3, as well as the maker notes of many digital cameras.

Download Website Updated 24 Jan 2013 libintl-perl

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libintl-perl is a library that supports message translation for Perl, written in pure Perl (version 5.004 or better). A faster C version is also built and installed if the system fulfills all requirements. Its interface is a superset of the gettext family of functions in C, and it uses the same file formats as GNU gettext, making it possible to use all tools available for gettext itself and to seamlessly integrate internationalized Perl code into mixed-language projects.

Download Website Updated 01 Jun 2004 PostScript::CDCover

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Vit 3.22

PostScript::CDCover generates a Postscript program that prints a CD cover and backlabel, with contents displayed as a tree of directories and files. The module ships with a stand-alone, ready-to-use script, pscdcover, that takes the directory tree of a CD-ROM as input and generates a cover from it. The output can be directly fed to a PostScript printer, but it is designed to be easily editable (should one wish to remove unwanted directory entries, for example).

Download Website Updated 13 Mar 2009 File-Dir-Dumper

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Vit 1.46

File-Dir-Dumper is a CPAN module that serializes the metadata (file names, file sizes, permissions, mtimes, etc.) from a directory structure to a stream of JSON data structures. The output format aims to be machine-readable, and mostly human-readable.

Download Website Updated 13 Mar 2009 extproc_perl

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Vit 7.00

extproc_perl allows Oracle stored procedures to be written in Perl. A Perl interpreter is embedded in an Oracle external procedure, and remains persistent for the life of a client session.

Download Website Updated 11 Nov 2002 p5-Palm

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Vit 2.21

p5-palm is a set of Perl modules for reading, manipulating, and writing Palm database files. The package includes a generic core component, as well as handlers for the built-in apps' databases. It is reasonably easy to extend the package to handle arbitrary database types.

Download No website Updated 17 Jun 2003 ZoneMaster

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Vit 2.37

ZoneMaster is a tool for zone file and name server management. It consists of a library that can configure BIND and a Web-based user interface that is used to access the data that is stored in a database. A bootstrap script allows you to initialize the database with all necessary information retrieved from an existing configuration. All modifications are saved as jobs in the database, and a job handler makes the necessary changes from time to time. The user interface is based on XSLT-stylesheets and can be easily modified.

Download Website Updated 21 Nov 2002 p5-IPA

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Vit 1.44

IPA stands for Image Processing Algorithms and is a Perl library of image processing operators and functions. IPA is based on the Prima toolkit, which in turn is a Perl-based graphic library. IPA is designed for solving image analysis and object recognition tasks with Perl.


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A fast and tiny logger for Java.


Project Spotlight


A system to allow unattended reboots with an encrypted root file system.