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Download Website Updated 11 Nov 2002 p5-Palm

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Vit 2.21

p5-palm is a set of Perl modules for reading, manipulating, and writing Palm database files. The package includes a generic core component, as well as handlers for the built-in apps' databases. It is reasonably easy to extend the package to handle arbitrary database types.

No download Website Updated 01 Nov 2010 Parallel::ForkManager

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Vit 6.76

Parallel::ForkManager is a Perl module for controlling parallel independent actions like mass dowloads. You can set the max number of parallel processes to fork. It has an easy-to-use object-oriented interface.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 perl-GPS

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Vit 1.00

Perl-GPS is a Perl module that gives access to several GPS protocols, such as Garmin, NMEA, and Magellan. It works in Unix and Win32, and supports the Garmin protocol.

Download Website Updated 29 Aug 2002 Perl-LZO

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Vit 1.64

Perl-LZO (aka Compress::LZO) provides Perl bindings for the LZO data compression library. You can access the LZO library from your Perl scripts thereby compressing ordinary Perl strings. LZO is a portable lossless data compression library written in ANSI C. It offers pretty fast compression and very fast decompression. Decompression requires no memory. In addition there are slower compression levels achieving a quite competitive compression ratio while still decompressing at this very high speed.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 PerlBeans

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Vit 1.00

Perl Beans is an implementation of the Java Beans framework in Perl. The implementation is not even close to being complete. While a number of class stubs have been provided, most of the interesting parts are still not functional. In particular, the entire event model is absent, along with the persistence mechanisms. However, over time there is a reasonable chance that the missing pieces will be filled in.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 perldap

Pop 27.78
Vit 1.83

PerLDAP is a set of modules written in Perl and C that allow developers to leverage their existing Perl knowledge to easily access and manage LDAP-enabled directories. PerLDAP makes it very easy to search, add, delete, and modify directory entries. For example, Perl developers can easily build web applications to access information stored in a directory or create directory sync tools between directories and other services. PerLDAP is OpenSource, part of the Mozilla project.

Download Website Updated 18 Nov 2008 PostScript::MailLabels

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Vit 6.06

PostScript::MailLabels builds printer calibration pages, and will generate PostScript code for putting addresses on mailing label stock.

Download Website Updated 16 Aug 2001 RPL interpreter

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Vit 71.63

RPL is a Perl module for parsing and executing RPL programs, providing stack and variables management routines, and a library of built-in primitives for flow control, list manipulation, and basic calculus.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 SMTP::Server

Pop 25.85
Vit 1.44

SMTP::Server is a complete RFC 821 compliant mail server, written entirely in Perl. It's extremely extensible, and can easily be adapted to do things like SPAM/RBL filtering, and it's portable to all major platforms, including Win32. The SMTP::Server architecture was written to be very flexible, and its true power comes from the ability to extend/customize its functionality with plugin modules, or Perl code.

No download Website Updated 13 Jun 2009 Tie::Table

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Vit 1.84

Tie::Table (formerly known as TableMap) is a lightweight Perl module which maps tables in DBI data sources into hashes. It supports foreign keys, so you can "walk" between tables by foreign keys. For example, $user->company_id->{address} gives the address of the user's company. It also caches the result.


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A fast and tiny logger for Java.


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A system to allow unattended reboots with an encrypted root file system.