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Download Website Updated 10 Dec 2010 File::Scan

Pop 181.60
Vit 10.08

File::Scan allows users to make multi-platform virus scanners which can detect Windows/DOS/Mac viruses. It include a virus scanner and signatures database.

Download Website Updated 21 Dec 2004 FileHandle::Unget

Pop 21.00
Vit 2.60

FileHandle::Unget is a Perl module which is a drop-in replacement for FileHandle. It allows more than one byte to be placed back on the input. It supports an ungetc(ORD) which can be called more than once in a row, and an ungets(SCALAR) which places a string of bytes back on the input.

No download Website Updated 22 Dec 2010 Finance-Bank-ID-BCA

Pop 12.69
Vit 1.00

Finance-Bank-ID-BCA is a Perl module that provides a rudimentary interface to the Web-based online banking interface of the Indonesian Bank Central Asia (BCA) at https://ibank.klikbca.com. This module can only login to the retail/personal version of the site (KlikBCA perorangan) and not the corporate/business version (KlikBCA bisnis) as the latter requires VPN and token input on login. However, this module can parse the statement page from both versions.

Download Website Updated 27 Mar 2006 Finance-QuoteHist

Pop 46.86
Vit 2.74

Finance-QuoteHist provides Finance::QuoteHist, a Perl module that provides easy fetching of historical stock quotes from a variety of sources on the Web. The bundle includes the underlying site-specific modules. Reliability is enhanced through the use of symbolic extraction provided by HTML::TableExtract along with automatic failover to alternate sites.

Download Website Updated 16 Apr 2008 Finance::Bank::HDFC

Pop 16.97
Vit 2.04

Finance::Bank::HDFC provides an interface to the HDFC netbanking service.

No download Website Updated 25 Oct 2002 Finance::CompanyNames

Pop 15.23
Vit 1.00

Finance::CompanyNames is a Perl module for finding names of companies in arbitrary English text. The module can locate names and their variants, using statistical language processing methods. It is possible to automatically locate instances of "XYZ Corp" as well as "XYZ Corp.", "XYZ Corporation", and even "XYZ". This module fulfills a common need for programmers in the financial and investment communities.

Download Website Updated 04 Jan 2011 Finance::Currency::Convert

Pop 31.61
Vit 4.26

Finance::Currency::Convert is a Perl module to fetch conversion rates and to convert arbitrary currencies.

Download Website Updated 16 Feb 2009 Finance::Quote

Pop 134.21
Vit 5.67

Finance::Quote is a Perl module which can fetch on-line stock quotes, including those from American, European, Canadian and Australian markets. Information from a number of investment houses is also available. Features include currency lookups and conversions, automatic failover support, and loadable user modules.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 FormMagick

Pop 13.78
Vit 1.00

FormMagick is a set of Perl modules intended to ease the task of writing multi-page Web forms. It takes a description of the form (fields, validation to perform on each field, etc) in XML format and generates HTML on the fly. Other features include templates for changing the "look and feel" of your forms, and the ability to easily localise your text for other languages.

Download Website Updated 20 Nov 2013 Foswiki

Pop 124.02
Vit 14.00

Foswiki is wiki software, supporting the editing of Web pages in an ordinary Web browser by end users. What makes Foswiki special is that it supports the embedding of active and passive macros that enhance the page content (e.g. with global or dynamic information) and allow end-users to build applications that store and process data in a structured manner.


Project Spotlight


A fast and tiny logger for Java.


Project Spotlight


A system to allow unattended reboots with an encrypted root file system.