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Download Website Updated 31 May 2005 Netfig Platform

Pop 26.06
Vit 2.26

The Netfig Platform is an Eclipse-based product for configuring network devices. It supports advanced editing of configuration files (autocompletion, error underlining, etc.), version control (via CVS), and a console connection to the device. It also allows automatic document access to related product manuals. At this stage the tool is specific to Cisco IOS devices.

No download Website Updated 17 Jul 2007 LogicBill

Pop 24.25
Vit 1.15

LogicBill is a fully featured Web-based billing application, with features such as payment gateway integration, recurring invoice generation, a help desk, and more.

Download Website Updated 13 Mar 2009 IP::Country

Pop 50.73
Vit 2.95

IP::Country is a tool for fast lookup of country codes from IP addresses. Finding out the country of a client using only the IP address can be difficult. Looking up the domain name associated with that address can provide some help, but many IP address are not reverse mapped to any useful domain, and the most common domain (.com) offers no help when looking for country. This module comes bundled with a database of countries where various IP addresses have been assigned. Although the country of assignment will probably be the country associated with a large ISP rather than the client herself, this is probably good enough for most log analysis applications, and under test has proved to be as accurate as reverse-DNS and WHOIS lookup.

Download Website Updated 03 May 2005 APSR-Routingtools

Pop 18.73
Vit 1.00

APSR-Routingtools are a set of routing daemons and route generators. They can propagate routes for varius routing protocols.

Download Website Updated 05 May 2005 ModernBill

Pop 39.34
Vit 57.55

ModernBill is a full featured billing/management/provisioning system for the Web hosting industry. It supports over 20 payment gateways, 6 domain registrars, 15 control panel types, and provides an sslfactory module.

Download No website Updated 25 Jun 2010 Parabuild

Pop 99.56
Vit 13.75

Parabuild is a software build and release management system. It helps software teams and organizations reduce risks of project failures by providing practically unbreakable scheduled, release builds and Continuous Integration. It supports Perforce, Subversion, CVS, Surround SCM, AccuRev, ClearCase, Serena ChangeMan (PVCS), Borland StarTeam, SourceGear Vault, Visual SourceSafe, and MKS Source Integrity.

No download Website Updated 21 May 2008 Sales-n-Stats

Pop 31.30
Vit 3.85

Sales-n-Stats is live help software and real time Web site statistics combined into one sales tracking solution that adds personal touch and customer care to your website. A free version is available. It includes real time visitor tracking, live help via text chat with customers (VoIP chat exists in the commercial version only), a personal profile and history for every visitor, Web site statistics, extensive sales and marketing reports, and out-of-the-box integration with X-Cart and LiteCommerce shopping cart software. Also it has free integration modules for phpNuke, Mambo, and osCommerce as well as a PHP toolkit for integration with other e-commerce Web sites.

Download No website Updated 19 Mar 2009 Unity Browser Plug-in

Pop 25.40
Vit 2.62

The Unity Browser Plug-in embeds the Unity engine inside a browser window for publishing professional quality 3D games on the Internet. The games are created using Unity Technologies' Unity Engine. The data files are usually as small as a few megabytes for simple games.

Download Website Updated 30 Nov 2005 Spot

Pop 59.25
Vit 2.29

Spot is a GPS Tool for geocaching, biking, and hiking for J2ME. It supports OGC Web Map Service layers, waypoint, and georeferenced image files. Positioning support is available for Bluetooth GPS, Loaction API, and serial port GPS.

No download Website Updated 23 Jul 2005 dotSilver Partner

Pop 27.02
Vit 1.00

DotSilver Partner is a feature-rich dating website script implemented on a bleeding-edge technological base. This product is created for companies and individuals who want to launch a dating Web site that works with the global database of members shared between hundreds of dotSilver Partner driven sites. It can normally be installed within ten minutes.


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