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Download Website Updated 17 Jun 2005 HTML Document Object

Pop 85.97
Vit 8.17

The HTMLObject is a set of Perl modules that provides the ability to create Dynamic HTML documents (Framesets, DHTML, etc.). You can generate your code without having to do cookies first, then JavaScript, then the body. As long as the content is output in the correct order, you can generate JavaScript or cookies at any point since the output is not sent to the server until you call the display() method. It attempts to fully support HTML 4.x and XHTML. Helper methods are provided to do cookies, URI encoding, etc. There is a Form processing module which will generate the form, gather the input, and then validate the input, re-displaying the form if errors are encountered with the invalid entries marked as such.

No download Website Updated 27 Jun 2003 News Manager

Pop 19.18
Vit 2.46

News Manager allows you to easily update your news copy without using HTML or FTP. It is appropriate for news releases, company news, Web site announcements, etc. You can even upload images to your news articles, giving your readers a more visually appealing news story.

No download Website Updated 24 Feb 2001 ChunkyMUD

Pop 10.10
Vit 69.59

ChunkyMUD is a MUD written entirely in Perl, using the non-forking server example from the Perl Cookbook. The project is currently in its infancy, but is growing quickly.

Download Website Updated 22 Feb 2005 NullLogic Groupware

Pop 217.15
Vit 8.29

NullLogic Groupware is a modular Web-based groupware and email system designed for contact management and event scheduling. Additional features include private messaging, public discussion forums, webmail, shared bookmarks, file sharing, call tracking, order processing, an XML-RPC API, and integrated POP3 and SMTP servers.

No download Website Updated 18 Dec 2004 webwasher CSM

Pop 21.28
Vit 2.05

WebWasher consists of the three modules that filter content, protect privacy, and control access. WebWasher's standard filters prevent unwanted data objects on Web pages from being loaded, prevent information on users from being forwarded to third parties without the users' knowledge, and allow the user a controlled access to the Internet (wanted information gets through; unwanted Web pages or data are blocked).

No download Website Updated 24 Oct 2003 SchoolMation

Pop 31.84
Vit 1.58

SchoolMation is a free, simple to use, robust, Web-based education management solution. Remotely accessed through a standard Web browser, SchoolMation can run on a school's intranet or the Internet. With the click of a mouse, authorized users have immediate access to informative data including: student details, attendance, academic records, course information, lesson content, homework assignments, and more. Users can produce customized lists, helpful graphs and perform a variety of valuable education related tasks that traditionally only happen "off-line". Since it is 100% Web-based, SchoolMation works on any computer (Windows, Macintosh, Unix) which supports a modern Web browser.

No download Website Updated 17 Jul 2003 Egoboo

Pop 82.40
Vit 1.91

Egoboo is a 3D dungeon crawling adventure in the spirit of NetHack with OpenGL graphics.

No download Website Updated 13 Mar 2001 LikeTelevision Dynamic Ad Casting Software

Pop 11.87
Vit 69.47

LikeTelevision's Dynamic Ad Casting software is an automated video insertion solution that manages content programming. It allows on-demand video content to be controlled to create a television-like experience through insertion of commercial advertising spots. It features total control: the administrator can design and customize the Playlist Template in any way desired. Different spots and commercials can be inserted with total control and then applied universally to even the largest libraries of video clips. Demographic modules can be integrated into the system for audience demographic targeting! The media formats supported include Real Media, Windows Media, MP3, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, and more. It is optimized for the L.A.M.P. platform.

No download Website Updated 25 May 2009 All your base

Pop 52.92
Vit 1.00

For great justice.

No download Website Updated 27 Jun 2003 Job Manager

Pop 24.68
Vit 2.45

Job Manager helps you update and maintain your job postings section without having to manually modify HTML files.


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