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No download Website Updated 29 May 2011 Page Number Saver

Pop 14.00
Vit 1.03

Page Number Saver (PNS) is an application designed to help book or e-book readers save their page numbers. It does this with an interactive console-based menu. The future of the project from this point is first a simple GUI, then a customized one, then version 1.0 will be a PDF reader.

Download Website Updated 24 May 2011 Volleyball Manager

Pop 307.29
Vit 7.14

The Volleyball Manager supports the planning, management, and documentation of volleyball tournaments and leagues. An automatic scheduler generates an optimized schedule, which can be freely modified. The projector and terminal module offer more transparency for participants and visitors of tournaments.

Download Website Updated 27 Apr 2011 txt2pdf

Pop 255.76
Vit 16.81

txt2pdf is flexible and powerful Perl tool to convert txt, text, textual reports, and spools into PDF (form, invoice, report, sale sheet). It can be used alone, or you can use it from other applications to convert your documents on the fly.

Download No website Updated 06 Apr 2011 xcave

Pop 45.06
Vit 7.32

xcave is an application that allows you to track and manage the contents of a wine cellar.

Download Website Updated 21 Mar 2011 GPLIGC

Pop 57.39
Vit 10.67

GPLIGC is a program for analyzing IGC flight data from GNSS flight data recorders used by glider pilots. It uses Perl/Tk and gnuplot. The openGLIGCexplorer (written in C++) allows one to view the data in 3D with OpenGL, and can also be used as a digital elevation model terrain viewer. It can also be used for off-screen rendering of 2D and 3D images of flight tracks or terrain/map data.

No download Website Updated 18 Jan 2011 Chordpack

Pop 22.98
Vit 2.80

Chordpack is a tool written in Perl, whose purpose is to typeset song-books/songs written in chordpro format. The typesetting is done using typepesetting system TeX using macro package LaTeX. Chordpack has ambition to do whatever you might want to do with songs in chordpro format. Chordpack currently can generate LaTeX source of songs/songbook, generate HTML version of songs/songbook, generate ASCII version of songs/songbook, generate ASCII version of songs/songbook omitting chords, transpose chordpro song to desired key, take ordinary ASCII notation of song with chords, and output almost chordpro version. Chordpack features four styles of chord setting, three styles of song titles setting, an option to chose one or two columns, an option to chose fonts sizes, on-the-fly transposition to a key with minimum difficult chords (as an option), and other features. Chordpack does not currently set chord diagrams.

Download Website Updated 12 Jan 2011 phpaga

Pop 136.46
Vit 5.29

phpaga is a Web-based project, task, invoice, and quotation management system, providing a centralized way to keep on top of your day-to-day jobs and activities. Its features include printing invoices, quotations, and task lists to PDF, productivity statistics on a per project or per person basis, financial overview, billing method plugins, and multiple interface languages.

Download Website Updated 18 Nov 2010 MegaTunix

Pop 89.20
Vit 7.42

MegaTunix is a tuning application for the MegaSquirt EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) ECU, a semi-open design hardware fuel injection controller usable on just about any internal combustion engine. It supports most recent MegaSquirt firmwares for the MS-1, MS-2, and MS-2 Extra series. Also included is support for the JimStim ECU debugging tool and the 3rd party Performance Injection System (PIS) firmware retrofit for GM ALDL ECUs. MegaTunix includes an intelligent ECU interrogator, very flexible data logging, and a configurable and extendable GUI.

Download Website Updated 23 Jul 2010 Freemed-YiRC

Pop 50.36
Vit 9.41

Freemed-YiRC is a PHP package based on Freemed for use with Youth in Residential Care (YiRC) agencies. Its aim is to be a complete package to replace legacy non-free apps which aren't customizable. Since it's PHP-based, all that is needed for the client is a good Web browser with extensive table support. Some of the objectives for Freemed-YiRC are: User Management, a Contact Database, Clinical CaseNotes, an Incident Report System, an email client, a Service Plan System, a Timecard System, and Medical Billing (Medicaid/Insurance/Private).

Download Website Updated 07 Jul 2010 user_info

Pop 18.81
Vit 2.48

user_info is a class to retrieve information about the browser the user is using to access the current site script. It can analyze the user agent string sent by the browser in the current HTTP request and extracts the type of browser, user machine operating system, user machine IP address, accepted character set encoding, language name, and whether the user is a spider/bot.


Project Spotlight


A modern software IP load balancer.


Project Spotlight


A PHP class to authorize and access APIs using OAuth 1.0, 1.0a, and OAuth 2.0.