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No download Website Updated 13 Feb 2004 eBookCollector

Pop 22.14
Vit 61.31

eBookCollector is a Java program to manage a book collection. It features skinning support, advanced search, and multiple book categories.

Download Website Updated 24 May 2011 Volleyball Manager

Pop 307.29
Vit 7.14

The Volleyball Manager supports the planning, management, and documentation of volleyball tournaments and leagues. An automatic scheduler generates an optimized schedule, which can be freely modified. The projector and terminal module offer more transparency for participants and visitors of tournaments.

Download Website Updated 25 Jul 2007 CacheNav

Pop 39.12
Vit 3.67

CacheNav adds GPS navigation capabilities to CacheMate. It displays information from a connected GPS receiver in real time, and provides distance and bearing information to a selected waypoint. The Palm OS version can be run separately, but without "goto" functionality.

No download Website Updated 08 Jul 2004 CopyWrite

Pop 17.32
Vit 1.44

CopyWrite is a project management tool for writers. Whether you're working on a novel, an article, a thesis or a book report, it is flexible yet simple enough for writers of all kinds. Any creative process is inherently messy, especially writing. Keeping organized means finishing faster.

Download Website Updated 18 Apr 2004 Geek Credit

Pop 47.37
Vit 2.46

Geek Credit is a digital community currency for the Internet. It is decentralized, secure, and interest and demurrage free. It is backed by mutual credit (time). There is no central issuing and control authority, so it is a true peer-to-peer currency.

No download Website Updated 09 Apr 2004 pkg_db.pl

Pop 10.34
Vit 1.00

pkg_db.pl generates a pretty-printed HTML list and statistics of packages installed via NetBSD pkgsrc. It creates 3 HTML files: one index, containing a list of all installed packages with short descriptions, one with the detailed description of the package, and one with a list of installed files. It requires pkg_info.

Download Website Updated 12 Dec 2004 clew

Pop 28.37
Vit 1.46

Clew is a chart plotting program. Connect a GPS to your laptop, load some maps, and watch the dots crawl across the map as you drive, sail, etc. It currently works with maps scanned/photographed into the computer and any GPS with NMEA output.

Download Website Updated 03 Sep 2006 morse-x

Pop 26.38
Vit 2.56

morse-x lets you use any key on your keyboard as a morse key (except "q", which exits) and then it displays your morsed letters as readable letters on stdout.

Download Website Updated 04 Mar 2006 libbraille

Pop 38.34
Vit 3.13

Libbraille makes it easy to access Braille displays and terminals. It can write text on a Braille display, directly draw Braille dots, or get the value of pressed keys. It is compatible with a wide range of Braille displays, and can autodetect some of them. A virtual GTK+ display is provided so that developers can test how their application would be rendered in Braille.

Download No website Updated 24 Apr 2004 FretBoard

Pop 45.28
Vit 1.00

FretBoard is the most complete PalmOS freeware reference tool for players of stringed instruments. FretBoard displays the position of notes, chords, and scales on the fretboard of virtually any stringed instrument. It supports guitar, bass, banjo, bouzouki, mandolin, violin, dulcimer, and chapman stick to name just a few of the instruments and tunings. FretBoard currently sports 70 different tunings for instuments from 4 to 14 strings.


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A modern software IP load balancer.


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A PHP class to authorize and access APIs using OAuth 1.0, 1.0a, and OAuth 2.0.