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Download Website Updated 10 Jul 2013 uBee512

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uBee512 emulates all of the Microbee Z80 series of microcomputers, including ROM, Floppy and Hard disk-based models. Up to 2MB of extended memory is supported. The optional on board sn76489 sound IC is also emulated. The display may use SDL or OpenGL video rendering. Z80 PIO emulation includes tape, speaker, RTC, serial to PC RS232, and mouse peripherals. Parallel port peripherals include BeeThoven (AY-3-8910), BeeTalker (SP0256-AL2), Compumuse (SN76489), DAC, printer, and joystick. Many disk image types and floppy disks are supported. A joystick may be optionally mapped to keys. A large number of options are available as well as a built in OSD console.

Download Website Updated 24 Sep 2007 Lisaac

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Vit 1.00

Lisaac is a compiler for isaac, a prototype based object language. Isaac stands as a Self and SmallTalk successor and takes some Eiffel ideas like genericity and contract programming. It is meant to be a high level language as fast as C. Lisaac provides a lot of powerful features such as contract programming, dynamic inheritance, a block type (a list of instructions) which provides functional programming facilities, and more. Absolutely everything is an object.

    No download Website Updated 02 Oct 2007 AGENCY4NET WEBFTP

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    AGENCY4NET WEBFTP is a user-friendly Web FTP client build in PHP. It has a simple browser in German or English. Users can upload, download, delete, rename, or chmod files and create,delete, chmod, or rename directories.

    Download No website Updated 20 Oct 2007 Compiler for actsl

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    Vit 49.12

    Compiler for actsl is an extremely small compiler for a minimal low-level action-based programming language. The programming language has pointers with both references and dereferences, and therefore can do everything that can be done with C. The compiler can compile itself (bootstrap).

    Download Website Updated 29 Jan 2009 Calf

    Pop 43.42
    Vit 2.70

    Calf is a set of audio effect plugins. Several plugins are provided: flanger, reverb, multimode filter, vintage delay, phaser, simple monophonic VA synthesizer, and organ/pad synthesizer. LADSPA+LRDF, DSSI, and LV2 versions are available, as well as GTK+ based UIs and a standalone application using GTK+2 and JACK.

    Download Website Updated 22 Nov 2012 papercut

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    papercut is command line based rock, paper, scissors game for Unix based operating systems like GNU/Linux, BSD, etc. A user can play the game by entering their choice of rock (R or r), paper (P or p), or scissors (S or s). papercut also stores user statistics, i.e. number of wins, losses, and draws.

    Download Website Updated 31 Jan 2010 TinyaML

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    Vit 2.42

    TinyaML is a virtual machine, a compiler, and a compiler- compiler, powered by the abstract parser tinyap. It is endian-safe and allows easy bindings of new C APIs into the virtual machine. The VM executes wordcode with a virtual threading model and features a garbage collector. TinyaML allows the user to compile and run assembly code, or plug new grammars for higher-level languages into the parser and implement the methods to compile their ASTs.

    No download Website Updated 04 Jul 2009 RWTH Mindstorms NXT Toolbox

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    RWTH Mindstorms NXT Toolbox controls LEGO Mindstorms NXT robots with MATLAB via a wireless Bluetooth connection. The toolbox functions are based on the LEGO Mindstorms NXT Bluetooth Communication Protocol to control the intelligent NXT Brick via a wireless Bluetooth connection. Although a Bluetooth connection is not recommended for realtime robot control in general, because of its high latency, this toolbox provides MATLAB functions to interact with a robot directly. The main advantage of this remote control concept is that it enables users to combine robot applications with complex mathematical operations and visualizations within MATLAB.

    No download Website Updated 29 Feb 2008 Octave support for SWIG

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    This software adds Octave support to SWIG. Octave code can use C/C++ functions, variables, constants and enums, classes (member variables, methods, single/multiple inheritance, etc), and templates. Argument/result translation is completely extensible via %typemap and other declarations in interface files. Octave operators map to C++ operators, methods, or global functions. Octave code can subclass C++ types and implement their virtual methods (i.e., C++ code transparently calls Octave code). There is some support for STL containers. There are many automated tests and examples.

    No download Website Updated 10 Mar 2008 as3flvplayer

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    as3flvplayer is an object oriented AS3 FLV player for Adobe Flash. It uses an XML play list, acts as either an internal and external player, has a volume control, video scrubber, full screen mode, and a flexy skin design, and is only 7KB.


    Project Spotlight


    A command-line network analysis workbench.


    Project Spotlight


    A tool for comparing and merging files and directories.