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Download No website Updated 20 Apr 2012 Neo4j

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Vit 2.60

Neo4j is a graph database, a fully transactional database that stores data structured as graphs. A graph is a flexible data structure that allows for a more agile and rapid style of development. You can think of Neo4j as a high-performance graph engine with all the features of a mature and robust database. The programmer works with an object-oriented, flexible network structure rather than with strict and static tables, yet enjoys all the benefits of a fully transactional, enterprise-strength database. The community edition is GPLv3 licensed, while the advanced and enterprise editions are AGPLv3 licensed.

Download Website Updated 05 Nov 2010 BSPlanner

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Vit 36.56

BSPlanner is a simple, easy-to-use calendar application designed to help you manage your daily or monthly activities.

Download Website Updated 17 Mar 2012 Joomla! Show TwitrPix Module

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Vit 2.21

The Joomla! Show TwitrPix Module fetches an RSS feed from TwitrPix to display Twitter pictures. Features include displaying public or personal feeds, showing pictures in single or multiple picture modes, displaying the description when the mouse is over the picture, and displaying a large version of each picture on the personal website using Highslide JS or the TwitrPix website.

Download Website Updated 21 Oct 2010 TinyShell AJAX

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Vit 1.00

TinyShell AJAX is a tiny cross-browser module based shell that acts like a Unix prompt. It includes a MySQL command line client. It supports multi-line commands, tabbing, and much more. It is ideal for emulating SSH access to a webhotel that only offers FTP and HTTP access. Also, the application is fully functional on the native iPhone/iPad browser.

Download No website Updated 23 Oct 2010 Football News Aggregator

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Vit 36.52

Football News Aggregator is a PHP script that allows you to parse multiple feeds from different sources into separate pages.

Download No website Updated 02 Nov 2010 te-edu Password Meter

Pop 13.78
Vit 36.38

The te-edu Password Meter class can be used to check whether a password is strong enough to not be guessed easily. It can perform several tests on a given password string to compute a score that represents the strength of a password. Password checking is based on brute force attack class A and considers 10 million password checks in one minute. It checks characters, character pairs, repeated characters, time needed to be discovered, character standard entropy, etc.

No download No website Updated 04 Oct 2012 TymeacDSE

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Vit 2.92

TymeacDSE is a Java Fork-Join application server employing the Divide-and-Conquer methodology in either an embedded or remote (RMI) configuration.

Download Website Updated 02 Jan 2011 AppInfo

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Vit 1.77

AppInfo is a small library that provides an easy way to show always valid, automatically updated information about a version of running software in your Web or desktop Java application. It is especially useful with automatic builds from CI server deployed on QA. It currently supports displaying the name, version, build number, and build date of running software. This information is available as text from end application and can be customized to fit your needs. Source information can be passed via environment variables and works out-of-box with Hudson CI server.

Download No website Updated 06 Mar 2012 Joomla! Game Development Flair Module

Pop 10.49
Vit 1.77

Joomla! Game Development Flair Module is a simple Joomla! module to display your user badge from Game Development (Stack Exchange). It displays either standard flair (four themes) or combo flair.

Download Website Updated 13 Mar 2012 Joomla! Stack Apps Flair Module

Pop 11.49
Vit 1.79

Stack Apps Flair is a simple Joomla! module to display your user badge from Stack Apps (Stack Exchange). It displays either standard flair (four themes) or combo flair.


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A library that mimics the classical OOP style in JavaScript.


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A learning management system.