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Download Website Updated 29 Jun 2001 DataReel

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DataReel is a free, cross-platform database and communications toolkit. It can be used to rapidly develop and deploy multi-threaded database and communications applications. The DataReel toolkit is composed of a modular C++ library designed to build cross-platform infrastructures for end-user applications, embedded systems, and reusable libraries. DataReel's unique modular design simplifies adaptation, allowing you to determine the level of complexity. DataReel makes Internet connectivity and database programming easy.

Download Website Updated 30 Jun 2001 EScrambler - Email Address HTML Code Scram...

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EScrambler - Email Address HTML Code Scrambler, is an email address code scrambler. It makes your email addresses invisible to SPAM crawlers. Visitors to your web pages can read and click on your email addresses the same way they do now, but robots will not find them. Search engine friendly, and easy to use.

Download Website Updated 03 Nov 2001 MML

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MML is an HTML templating preprocessor. Many sites these days adopt a 'template'-based approach, with a constant set of navigation links, a logo and a heading etc. MML aims to make this process more efficient by separating the content from the template and abstracting the template in various ways for increased flexibility.

Download No website Updated 30 Jun 2001 Kelly

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Kelly is a JBuilder 4 & 5 plugin that makes it easy to deploy EJBs to JOnAS 2.x. Kelly can be installed and run with other JBuilder 4 & 5 plugins such as BEA WebLogicServer 5.1, BEA WLS 6, IBM WebSphere 3.5, Borland AS 4.5, etc. Kelly provides services to Jbuilder 4 & 5 java developers such as the ability to create any XML deployment files required by JOnAS 2.x, hot loading and unloading of any EJBs to JOnAS (only for JBuilder 5), control of JOnAS start-up from JBuilder 4 & 5, and the supply of JOnAS word dictionaries to JBuilder 4 & 5 in order to enhance the JBuilder 4 & 5 text completion services.

Download Website Updated 27 Aug 2001 ebnf2yacc

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ebnf2yacc is a tool to help one write yacc parsers/compilers. It takes a grammar written in BNF as input, and it outputs a C++ abstract syntax tree that supports the visitor pattern, along with a yacc file to build the tree.

Download Website Updated 01 Dec 2001 euc2html

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euc2html is a simple application to convert any double-byte Japanese (and maybe Chinese/Korean) EUC-encoded characters to HTML/4.0 Unicode entities. It operates using stdin/stdout only, so is useful for batch updating Web sites, content, etc.

Download Website Updated 14 Jul 2001 Swocket

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Swocket is a cross-platform modular XML Socket server framework implemented in Python, with the intention of being used to communicate with Macromedia Flash 5 content.

Download Website Updated 07 Apr 2002 Maverick

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Maverick is a Java-based MVC framework for Web publishing which allows views to be produced with JSP, Velocity, or XSLT directly (without generating XML first). In addition, all views can be run through a configurable series of XSLT transformations.

No download Website Updated 28 Apr 2007 PostNuke

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PostNuke is a Weblog/portal system featuring an extremely easy-to-use Web-based installation script. It is extremely developer and community friendly, with active development progressing, support forums around the world, and live support via its own IRC network. It was originally based on PHP-Nuke, but was rewritten with security and performance in mind.

Download Website Updated 02 Sep 2010 Firewall Tester

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The Firewall Tester is a tool designed for testing firewalls' filtering policies. It includes an Intrusion Detection System testing feature, along with a packet generator tool and a sniffer. Unlike common firewall testing tools or packet generators, ftester is capable of generating network traffic that will look like real connections to the firewall or IDS system tested, which allows users to test stateful inspection firewalls (like netfilter or ipfilter) and IDS (like snort).


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A script to start VNC on a system-determined port.


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Java SQL Admin Tool

Allows you to manage a RDBMS via Java and JDBC.