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Download Website Updated 06 Dec 2004 hostable32v

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hostable32v is an attempt to turn Unix 32v into a guest service that will run under any POSIX-like OS. A possible long-term goal is to run it under oslib or oskit. Unix 32v is an ancient version of Unix which was originally a port of Seventh Edition UNIX to the VAX platform.

No download Website Updated 01 Aug 2005 Via Libre PyMO Server

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Via Libre PyMO Sever is a preconfigured server based on Debian, aimed at small and medium-sized organizations. It features an easy installation process, corporate email (SMTP, SSMTP, IMAP, IMAPS), file sharing (Samba and NFS), authentication based on LDAP, and more.

No download Website Updated 31 Dec 2006 Linux on the Linksys wrt54g

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wrt54g-linux is a mini-distribution for the Linksys wrt54g 802.11b/g access point and router. It includes basic tools such as sh, syslog, telnetd, httpd (with cgi-bin support), vi, snort, mount, insmod, rmmod, top, grep, find, nfs modules, etc. The installation script runs in about 20 seconds and installs strictly to the RAM disk. If you mess anything up, simply reset the box. After installing the distribution you'll be able to telnet in, add Web pages, change iptable rules, change routing, configure snort, etc.

Download Website Updated 06 Sep 2003 Toyohashi OPen Platform Embedded Realtime ...

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Vit 1.00

Toppers is a RTOS (Real Time Operating System), a variant of the extremely versatile TRON Operating System. It conforms to all the microITRON4.0- specifications, and runs on a vast range of 8-, 16- and 32-bit microprocessors.

No download Website Updated 25 Nov 2009 1060 NetKernel Standard Edition

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1060 NetKernel Standard Edition is a resource oriented microkernel and RESTful application server based on the convergence and unification of powerful fundamental concepts found in the World Wide Web and Unix. NKSE includes extensive functionality including transports (HTTP, SOAP 1.1 / 1.2, REST Web-Services, JMS, Cron, etc.), resource models (XML, Image, RDF, PiNKY for Atom and RSS feeds, JSON, etc.), services (XML pipeline processing, RDBMS access, etc.), tools (request visualizer, debugger, unit testing, etc.), and supported programming languages (Groovy, Ruby, Java, Python, JavaScript , Beanshell, XProc, XSLT, etc.).

Download Website Updated 12 Sep 2003 Gentoox

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Gentoox is a 'port' of Gentoo Linux to the Xbox. It comes in Pro and Home flavors, where Pro is a Stage 3 bootable distribution with nothing else added (for developers and pros to customize themselves), and Home comes with many packages precompiled and installed, making it ideal for beginners or people who want their Linux to work straight out of the box. Installation time is minimal and totally fuss free.

No download Website Updated 11 May 2005 ClusterKNOPPIX

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ClusterKnoppix is a modified Knoppix distribution that uses the OpenMosix kernel. It features an OpenMosix terminal server that uses PXE, DHCP, and tftp to boot Linux clients via the network. It also includes openMosix auto-discovery, cluster management tools, and an optional X environment.

Download Website Updated 08 Apr 2014 slapt-get

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slapt-get is an APT-like system for Slackware package management. It allows you to search Slackware mirrors and third-party package sources (such as www.linuxpackages.net) for packages, compare them with installed packages, and install new packages or upgrade installed packages, all with a few simple commands.

Download Website Updated 27 Mar 2007 Source Mage GNU/Linux

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Source Mage GNU/Linux is a source-based Linux distribution based on a magical metaphor of "casting" and "dispelling" programs, which are referred to as "spells". In multi-tasking style, it downloads the sources in the background while compiling in the foreground. Source Mage's "sorcery" offers advanced package management, but retains the choices, options, and control not offered by many other distributions.

Download Website Updated 02 Jun 2012 Fedora Project

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The Fedora Project is a community-run Linux distribution sponsored by Red Hat.


Project Spotlight


A program that backs up and restores data.


Project Spotlight


A command-line or HTTP CGI hashing utility.