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Download No website Updated 16 Jul 2008 DeLiRiuM

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DeLiRiuM is a 32-bit nanokernel hybrid operating system. One of its aims is developing and testing unconventional interfaces between OS and userspace rather than providing yet another ubiquitous POSIX.1-like API. The goal is to do this in a not only in a programmer friendly way, but also without sacrificing modern OS features or performance. Development currently targets IA-32 (x86), the Xen hypervisor, and Unix userspace. The DeLiRiuM kernel is primarily written in ANSI C and x86 assembler (gas).

Download Website Updated 23 Sep 2005 DeTeWe ISDN device driver

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DeTeWe ISDN device driver provides a Linux driver and userspace tools to support configuration and Internet access with DeTeWe (USB-VID:0x086c) ISDN hardware, such as soho-PBXs (Eumex x04/OpenCom/BeeTel/TA33 USB), phones (EuroMaster data), and DECT phones (Sinus 6x, BeeTel [34]40i).

Download Website Updated 14 Apr 2008 DinoUML

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DinoUML is a network simulation tool that is based on UML (User Mode Linux). It can simulate large Linux networks using a single PC. It supports IPv4, IPv6, QOS (HTB for bandwidth limiting, NETEM for delays, drops, dups, and out of order), bridges, tunnels, and vlans.

Download Website Updated 27 Jul 2012 Direct Access Provider Library

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DAPL (Direct Access Provider Library) is a transport-independent, platform-independent, high-performance API for using the remote direct memory access (RDMA) capabilities of modern interconnect technologies such as InfiniBand, the Virtual Interface Architecture, and iWARP. This is the reference implementation of that specification by the DAT Collaborative who maintain the DAPL API.

No download Website Updated 16 Jun 2008 Distributed Inter-Process Communications

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DIPC allows an application programmer to easily (transparently) send and receive data, synchronise using semaphores, and use a shared memory over a network. Distributed computing is thus made very easy. DIPC modifies System V's message queues, semaphores, and shared memory segments so that they can operate not just within a single computer, but over a cluster of computers. The programming model is very similar to that of a group of processes running on the same computer and exchanging data.

Download Website Updated 10 Jun 2005 Distributed Lock Manager

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Distributed Lock Manager is a Linux kernel patch developed by Red Hat as part of their Linux clustering technology. Its programming API is very similar to those found on other operating systems, but is modeled most closely on VMS.

No download No website Updated 31 Oct 2010 DragonFly BSD

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DragonFly belongs to the same class of operating systems as other BSD-derived systems and Linux. It is based on the same Unix ideals and APIs and shares ancestor code with other BSD operating systems. DragonFly is differentiated from other operating systems in its class by, among others, the HAMMER file system, Virtual Kernels, swapcache, and the pervasive use of soft token locks. DragonFly provides an opportunity for the BSD base to grow in an entirely different direction from the ones taken in the FreeBSD, NetBSD, and OpenBSD series.

Download Website Updated 25 Nov 2002 ENBD

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The ENBD (Enhanced Network Block Device) is an industrial-strength version of the Linux kernel NBD. It makes a remote disk look like a local block device, allowing cheap and safe realtime mirrors to be built over the net. It features internal block-journalling and multichannel failover.

Download Website Updated 17 Feb 2006 Easy DialUp

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Easy DialUp is a simple Web-based dialup/modem client for Linux. It's the Linux dialup client for someone who doesn’t want to know what a Linux dialup client is.

Download Website Updated 31 Oct 2008 EeePC-optimized Kernel for Ubuntu

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The "EeePC-optimized Kernel for Ubuntu" project aims to produce a set of pre-compiled kernel packages that have been specially tailored to the EeePC's hardware and power usage, and to deliver these packages on a dedicated repository hosted by the author. Delivering these kernel packages over a Debian-style repository ensures that future updates and patches can be automatically downloaded to your EeePC as they're released. Current support is available for Ubuntu v8.04 (Hardy Heron) on the EeePC 700, 900, 900A, 901, 1000, and 1000H models.


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