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Download Website Updated 31 Dec 2007 OpenSSI

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Vit 7.78

The OpenSSI project is a comprehensive clustering solution offering a full, highly available SSI environment for Linux. Goals for OpenSSI Clusters include availability, scalability and manageability, built from standard servers.

Download Website Updated 13 Dec 2007 SNARE

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SNARE (System iNtrusion Analysis and Reporting Environment) Agents are a series of audit collection and forwarding tools, that facilitate centralised audit and log collection on Linux, Solaris, AIX, Irix, Windows, and other operating systems and services.

No download Website Updated 13 Dec 2007 Linux Intrusion Detection System

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Vit 5.21

The Linux Intrusion Detection System (LIDS) is a patch which enhances the kernel's security by implementing a reference monitor and Mandatory Access Control (MAC). When it is in effect, chosen file access, all system/network administration operations, any capability use, raw device, memory, and I/O access can be made impossible even for root. You can define which programs can access specific files. It uses and extends the system capabilities bounding set to control the whole system and adds some network and filesystem security features to the kernel to enhance the security. You can finely tune the security protections online, hide sensitive processes, receive security alerts through the network, and more.

No download Website Updated 13 Dec 2007 grsecurity

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Vit 11.66

grsecurity is a complete security system for Linux 2.4 and 2.6 that implements a detection/prevention/containment strategy. It prevents most forms of address space modification, confines programs via its Role-Based Access Control system, hardens syscalls, provides full-featured auditing, and implements many of the OpenBSD randomness features. It was written for performance, ease-of-use, and security. The RBAC system has an intelligent learning mode that can generate least privilege policies for the entire system with no configuration. All of grsecurity supports a feature that logs the IP of the attacker that causes an alert or audit.

No download Website Updated 13 Dec 2007 l4linux

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Vit 2.41

L4Linux runs in user-mode on top of the µ-kernel, side-by-side with other µ-kernel applications such as real-time components. It is binary-compatible with the normal Linux/x86 kernel and can be used with any PC-based Linux distribution. L4Linux is part of the Dresden Real-Time Operating Systems Project (DROPS) aiming at the support of applications with Quality of Service requirements.

Download Website Updated 02 Dec 2007 Cluster Infrastructure for Linux

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Vit 6.15

Cluster Infrastructure (CI) for Linux is a common infrastructure for Linux clustering, extending the CLuster Membership Subsystem ("CLMS") and Internode Communication Subsystem ("ICS") of the OpenSSI project.

Download Website Updated 18 Nov 2007 Cooperative Linux

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Vit 1.71

Cooperative Linux is a version of the Linux kernel that provides a method for running Linux natively under Microsoft Windows without commercial PC virtualization software.

Download Website Updated 11 Sep 2007 sk98lin

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Vit 49.51

sk98lin is a Marvell Yukon/SysKonnect Linux driver. In the release candidates for Linux 2.6.23, the sk98lin driver was removed under the presumption that the sky2 and skge drivers would be sufficient to cover all hardware supported by the unmaintained sk98lin driver. That presumption was wrong, as several NICs will not work at all with skge and stop talking after an indeterminate period of traffic with sky2.

Download Website Updated 21 Aug 2007 MODxFS FUSE module

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Vit 1.00

MODxFS is a FUSE module that allows MODx Content Management System administrators to edit Chunks, Pages, Snippets, and Templates via a virtual filesystem. This means you can use your favorite HTML/PHP editor(s) to edit MODx content.

No download Website Updated 21 Aug 2007 Gentoo Linux Overlay

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Vit 49.73

Gentoo Linux Overlay provides a way to have a second set of Portage ebuilds for your machine. This is generally used to install third-party ebuilds and is controlled in your make.conf file. This overlay includes most popular software ebuilds, including system libraries.


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