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Download Website Updated 11 Nov 1998 xrolo

Pop 12.00
Vit 75.36

Rolo is a tool for Unix/X11 which presents a user interface to a simple database of notes in a manner which approximates a Rolodex file. It requires the free Xview libraries to compile.

No download Website Updated 07 Sep 2003 yaDMS

Pop 24.39
Vit 62.58

yaDMS (yet another Document Management System) is a PHP-based document management system, with many features like a clipboard, conversion of mail to DMS, conversion from DMS to mail, zip & download, copy, move, multiuser, and full-text searching with support for various document formats.

Download Website Updated 21 Aug 2010 yaGTD

Pop 68.37
Vit 6.46

yaGTD is a very simple utility designed to make the management of your to-do list quick and easy. It incorporates major features from Allen's Getting Things Done philosophy and a notion of urgency and importance preached by Stephen Covey in his Seven Habits of Highly Effective People book.

No download Website Updated 16 Aug 2008 yeaGTD

Pop 71.06
Vit 4.66

yeaGTD is an acronym for "yaml encoded approach to getting things done". It is a script which extracts information from simple text files, one for each project, and then produces nicely formatted summary reports. Flexible rules can be used to specify repeated projects. Context, project, and date views are supported and output can be filtered in a variety of ways. Output can optionally be printed or sent to standard output in several formats. Commands are provided for marking tasks complete, opening files for editing, and backing up project files.

Download Website Updated 26 Jan 2002 yq personal information manager

Pop 29.73
Vit 67.13

yq personal information manager allows you to manage your contacts. It uses a tree to manage contacts and a notebook to view the information for each contact. It can import contacts from files in vcard or csv formats, and can export contacts as vcard, csv or HTML files.

Download No website Updated 01 May 2007 zCI

Pop 20.10
Vit 1.00

zCI is a Web-based computer inventory system. It is simple but has many corporate-grade inventory capabilities. Its client-side program is able to collect inventory data (hardware and software information) automatically without any manual input, while its Web-based server-side programs simplify inventory management. It includes facilities to manage ownership and usage status for computers, monitors, and peripherals.

Download Website Updated 24 Jul 2003 zWebit

Pop 21.70
Vit 1.00

zWebit is a stable interface engine suitable for use in demanding environments. It provides a framework for accepting data from one or more sources, optionally modifying and reliably delivering the data to multiple destinations. Hl7 support is included.


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BitRock Cross Platform Installer

Software to build easy-to-use cross platform installers on Linux, OS X, and other platforms.


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mf2t/t2mf for Unix

A port of Piet van Oostrum's MIDI file manipulation utilities.