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No download Website Updated 10 May 2011 Wiz Solitaire

Pop 58.35
Vit 13.86

Wiz Solitaire is a collection of card games with the ability to use beautiful custom decks. It supports different deck formats, allowing you to choose between thousands of available card sets. You can also easily create your own decks with the included Deck Editor. It includes more than 20 games including Klondike, Free Cell, Spider, Pyramid, Eagle Wing, Baker's Dozen, Seahaven, Rouge et Noir, Scorpion, La Belle Lucie, Golf, and Yukon.

No download Website Updated 29 Jun 2005 AssignmentTracker X

Pop 21.91
Vit 3.44

AssignmentTracker X is a student-oriented assignment and grade tracking application for students using Mac OS X. It allows students to track their assignments and sort them, as well as give instant access to the students' grades and print detailed reports on the students' current assignments and grades.

No download Website Updated 14 May 2005 iFaces

Pop 16.97
Vit 1.87

iFaces is small Mail.app utility add-on program that will display unread email's sender pictures on your desktop. It helps you determine if you need to actually open Mail and read the message (or continue working on something else). It is inspired by the X11 xFaces program.

No download Website Updated 13 Dec 2003 Romeo remote control

Pop 17.09
Vit 1.00

Romeo provides remote control of a Mac via Bluetooth and a compatible mobile device, allowing the user to control such programs as iTunes, DVD Player, and presentation applications. A mobile phone can be used as a mouse, a volume control, or a method of telling the machine when the user's there.

Download Website Updated 17 Dec 2003 GSCal

Pop 10.63
Vit 61.93

GSCal is a small program based on *Step that draws an ASCII calendar.

Download Website Updated 13 Feb 2004 Blu Tulip

Pop 30.28
Vit 2.01

Blu Tulip is a GNUstep and Cocoa image editor that support many color spaces such as L*a*b*, CMYK, etc.

Download Website Updated 01 Jan 2004 QuickPicker

Pop 17.83
Vit 1.00

QuickPicker is a quick way to pick a color from the screen for use with Web development. It is faster than the regular OSX panel and only uses the screen picker control, so it is very handy as a dock tool or as a Finder window toolbar item.

No download Website Updated 17 Jan 2004 BlogWorkz

Pop 18.22
Vit 1.73

BlogWorks is a client for the Blogger Weblog API. It features support for multiple blogs, HTML escaping, AppleScript, Blogger title fields, and retrieving the currently playing music from iTunes and current open Web page from Safari.

Download Website Updated 11 Jan 2004 Camera

Pop 27.29
Vit 1.00

Camera downloads files from your digital camera. It is based on GNUstep.

No download Website Updated 04 Jun 2004 TestKit

Pop 16.37
Vit 1.44

TestKit is a unit testing framework for MacOS X and Objective C. It is modeled after JUnit, but targets the specific needs of the MacOS X developer in the Cocoa environment.


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Client-side Security Exit for DTCC

Send security credentials to DTCC via an MQ exit


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A Web-based tool for Oracle Database administration.