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Download Website Updated 05 Jan 2008 zak

Pop 14.97
Vit 1.41

Zak allows you to select one or more MP3 files and convert them into a single MP3, MP4, M4A, or M4B file. The primary use for Zak is audio books. Most audio books are distributed in several files, usually one per chapter. Converting these files into a single .m4b allows one to take advantage of the iPod's bookmarking features.

Download Website Updated 28 Feb 2002 zeitreise

Pop 11.00
Vit 67.03

zeitreise is a timeshift-capable video/TV viewer application/hack with low hardware requirements (except disk space).

Download No website Updated 03 Jun 2005 zgsmplay

Pop 20.78
Vit 1.74

zgsmplay is a curses-based realtime GSM file player with file selector. (GSM is a lossy sound compression format used for speech.) In addition to simply playing the files, zgsmplay lets you move around them, etc., and can cope with large samples. A copy of Jutta Degener and Carsten Bormann's free GSM compressor/library is included.

Download Website Updated 18 Feb 2005 zgv

Pop 79.81
Vit 4.72

zgv is a full-featured, svgalib-based picture viewer for VGA/SVGA displays which supports most popular formats. It provides a file selector with thumbnails to select file(s) to view, and allows panning and fit-to-screen methods of viewing, slideshows, scaling, etc.

Download Website Updated 02 Jul 2003 zire-photo

Pop 26.00
Vit 2.01

zire-photo is a simple gpilotd plugin conduit for synchronizing images captured by the builtin camera on Palm's new Zire 71. Images and thumbnails are placed in a user-specified directory.

No download Website Updated 13 Feb 2002 zlplay

Pop 10.20
Vit 1.00

zlplay is an MP3 player that uses the zlcatalog system to organize songs. zlcatalog is a library for organizing things in non-hierarchical ways. Songs in zlplay can belong to multiple groups. Navigation through the groups shows songs and related groups. So, for example, it's very easy to start listening to all of your songs randomly and then when you hear a song by a particular artist, a single click switches the song list to songs by that artist.

Download Website Updated 05 May 2003 zmogul

Pop 13.34
Vit 1.00

Zmogul is a small Python script that shrinks the file size of a FasttrackerII module using a user-specified encoder (Ogg Vorbis by default). The resulting file is often slightly smaller than files generated using the popular MO3 encoder.

No download Website Updated 20 Jul 2004 zphoto

Pop 124.92
Vit 3.66

zphoto is a Web/Flash-based zooming photo album generator.

Download Website Updated 08 Oct 2006 zr364xx for Linux

Pop 28.55
Vit 3.07

This project provides Linux support for the Aiptek PocketDV 3300 in webcam mode. It may work for other JPEG/USB cams based on the Coach chips from Zoran.

Download Website Updated 20 Oct 2001 zstar Networked 3D project

Pop 27.71
Vit 1.01

zstar (z*) Networked 3D project is an extensible, distributed system for 3D application and game development, consisting of an abstract game client (similar in concept to the one that xpilot uses) and a game server to which players connect to play games against other players or alone. This framework should be suitable for FPS, VR, MUDs, or any application that requires 3D and networking. The Win32 version currently only runs under Cygwin.


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