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Download Website Updated 17 Dec 1999 ECCView

Pop 22.47
Vit 72.78

ECCView displays .ECC animations which can be sometimes found on usenet newsgroups like alt.binaries.pictures.anime and others.

No download Website Updated 14 Dec 1999 Cameleo

Pop 18.81
Vit 72.80

Cameleo is a graphics package that prints, scans, CD-records, RIPs, and builds image databases and imaging workflows. It is fully available with drivers for most popular color devices on Linux. Cameleo has a full ICC color calibration system included, and a powerful API for third-party developers.

No download Website Updated 05 Dec 1999 Melys

Pop 27.64
Vit 2.24

Melys is a MIDI sequencer application for ALSA. It records, plays back, and saves to a MIDI file or to an XML-based format. There is a track view where you can arrange parts using drag-and-drop and a piano-roll view where the same can be done with notes. There is also a graphical tempo view where the tempo of the song can be changed. Multiple files can be open at once, and notes can be dragged between them. It is written in C and uses the GNOME/Gtk+ widget sets.

Download Website Updated 03 Dec 1999 GuileGL

Pop 12.12
Vit 72.87

GuileGL allows you to access OpenGL functions from Guile, the Scheme language interpreter.

Download Website Updated 01 Dec 1999 GtkSigGen

Pop 38.61
Vit 72.89

GtkSigGen lets you use your sound card as an audio signal generator. It can do sine, square, triangle, sawtooth, and white noise signals so far. The left and right channels are independent and have their own signal type, frequency, amplitude, and phase controls.

Download Website Updated 04 Nov 1999 GnOpenGL3ds

Pop 11.05
Vit 73.07

GnOpenGL3ds is a 3DS file viewer, mainly based on view3DS by David Farrell.

Download Website Updated 09 Oct 1999 mp3album.pl

Pop 12.12
Vit 73.25

mp3album.pl is a tool to automatically create album lists from a batch of mp3 files including ID3v1, ID3v2.2 or ID3v2.3 information. It includes logic to split up all files in one directory into separate albums and generates a report file for each album. The reports are customizable through templates and can contain any information found in the ID3 tags. mp3album.pl lends itself very handy when creating an index of a directory containing several albums of music. As Perl currently lacks 'good' Unicode support, the Unicode strings in ID3v2.3 are not yet supported.

Download Website Updated 11 Sep 1999 xmorph

Pop 13.75
Vit 73.44

xmorph morphs images and helps manipulating meshes through an X11 or Tk interface.

Download Website Updated 07 Sep 1999 SwiftView

Pop 11.09
Vit 73.47

SwiftView transforms PCL and HPGL, the data streams sent to HP LaserJet printers and HP plotters, into powerful electronic publishing formats. Directly displaying inherently accurate print stream data eliminates the conversion and proofing process. Print data cannot easily be altered, making SwiftView ideal for distributing important documents and drawings. SwiftView also provides fast, high-quality, interactive viewing of TIFF, JPEG and other formats.

Download No website Updated 23 Aug 1999 CDDBD.sh

Pop 27.17
Vit 73.57

CDDBD.sh is a shellscript speaking the CDDB Protocol version 1 without enhancements and read only. CDDBD.sh allows to query a local database on a filesystem that was filled with entries using such programs like xmcd or kscd. CDDBD.sh was developed to be used in a local or home network and not to serve a WAN.


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Anjuta IDE

An Integrated Development Environment for GNOME.


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Grammar-based software designed to utilize the logic contained within grammar.