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Download Website Updated 09 Sep 2000 rbmake

Pop 23.11
Vit 3.52

Rbmake is a "book maker" for the Rocket eBook. It consists of a set of command line tools and some library routines which make it easy to assemble or disassemble .rb files, the book format native to the ReB.

Download No website Updated 05 Sep 2000 DVB2000 Network Remote Control

Pop 18.22
Vit 70.95

Dvbnrc is a TCP Daemon written in Perl that allows you to remotely control a Nokia Mediamaster running DVB2000 through a serial nullmodem cable. It allows you to telnet to the box, get the list of available TV/radio channels, change tha channel, show the current one, or change the text of the LCDisplay.

Download Website Updated 26 Jun 2000 imaverage

Pop 33.91
Vit 71.44

imaverage uses the viewing frequency and viewing time from a spawned image viewer to build a dynamic database entry for images to gauge their relative preference for a given user. Once the entries have been created, imaverage will continue to show images randomly, with dynamic preference weights. On average, your favorite images should show up most frequently.

Download Website Updated 21 Jun 2000 Utah-GLX

Pop 10.34
Vit 71.48

Utah-GLX is a project to build a hardware accelerated glx module for free Unix operating systems. It supports 3D acceleration on the Matrox MGA-G200, MGA-G400, Nvidia's RIVA series, ATI's Rage Pro, and Intel's i810 for XFree86 3.3.x. It also supports software rendering.

Download Website Updated 11 May 2000 AutoRip

Pop 55.24
Vit 71.77

Autorip is a non-interactive front end for mp3 ripping and encoding. Archiving audio CDs as mp3s is now as simple as dropping a CD into your CD-ROM drive, and waiting for it to eject., then repeating.

Download Website Updated 12 Apr 2000 Photogenics

Pop 11.22
Vit 71.97

Paul Nolan's Photogenics is an exciting new graphics package for Linux. It allows you to create stunning images, either from scratch or by modifying existing pictures. It can be used for everything from simple file conversion to advanced photo manipulation and retouching. It also offers extremely realistic and easy-to-use media such as pencils, chalk, and watercolours.

Download Website Updated 09 Mar 2000 mpcut

Pop 22.45
Vit 72.20

This program allows you to visualise the power levels in each frame of an MP3 file, select a number of frames, cut out frames you don't want, and then save the selected frames (excluding the cuts) to a separate MP3 file.

Download Website Updated 02 Feb 2000 Phone

Pop 15.49
Vit 72.46

Linux internet phone and matching service. The server keeps a database of who is online and how to contact them. Clients can find out who is online and can call each other using the phone client. Full duplex audio is supported, you can talk and listen at the same time.

Download Website Updated 01 Feb 2000 raveMPGui

Pop 7.28
Vit 72.46

raveMP (portable mp3 player) support utilities for linux. Currently in alpha stages, it is buggy but operational.

Download Website Updated 29 Dec 1999 KIconEdit

Pop 25.14
Vit 72.69

The KDE Icon Editor is a small graphics drawing program especially for creating icons using the standard KDE icon palette. It has most of the tools which are needed for easy creation of icons including Line, Ellipse, Circle, Rectangle, Freehand, Eraser, and Spraycan.


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Anjuta IDE

An Integrated Development Environment for GNOME.


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Grammar-based software designed to utilize the logic contained within grammar.