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No download Website Updated 18 Nov 2002 IRMP3

Pop 57.17
Vit 4.71

IRMP3 is a multimedia audio jukebox for Linux. IRMP3's strength is that it easily integrates into home, car, and mobile environments (where a keyboard/screen interface may not always be available). It supports several input and display devices such as infrared remote controls, LCD displays, network connections, and serial keypads. It includes a robust set of tools like alarms, sound environments, mixers, sleep functions, and more. It supports MP3 players and network-ready control & status monitoring, and includes a flexible, modularized source which allows functionality to be easily extended with user-developed code.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 javashout

Pop 14.21
Vit 1.74

javashout is a program for shouting mp3s to a shoutcast server. It runs on any system, takes very little cpu time and has some nifty features. You can remotely connect to it via telnet and change options while it's running. You can also attach another shout to the back of javashout, allowing you to alternate between using a playlist and manually choosing songs painlessly without skips or jerks in the sound.

No download Website Updated 30 Apr 2002 Jooky

Pop 27.28
Vit 3.81

Jooky is a frontend for MP3 players which can run as a daemon and be controlled through client/server operations or telnet. It can run full screen/curses, be daemonized, or be /etc/inittabed.

No download Website Updated 02 May 2002 juked

Pop 29.83
Vit 1.87

juked is a daemon that turns a server into a music jukebox. Clients communicate with the server via TCP/IP using an XML protocol. It features playlist support, user authentication (optionally with PAM), and random track selection. Audio decoding is done using XMMS plugins, so both Ogg and MP3 are supported. Track (song) information can be stored internally or in a MySQL database.

Download Website Updated 04 Jan 2003 knapster

Pop 48.35
Vit 4.77

Knapster is a Linux KDE client of Napster, the MP3 download utility. It supports most of the napster client operations such as searching by songname/band, messaging, chat channels, downloads and uploads, and an mp3 library.

Download Website Updated 01 Mar 2012 LAME

Pop 687.12
Vit 11.88

LAME (LAME Ain't an MP3 Encoder) is a research project for learning about and improving MP3 encoding technology. LAME includes an MP3 encoding library, a simple frontend application, and other tools for sound analysis, as well as convenience tools. Please note that any commercial use (including distributing the LAME encoding engine in a free encoder) may require a patent license from Thomson Multimedia.

Download Website Updated 11 Apr 2011 Lars

Pop 71.57
Vit 3.79

Lars helps you mass-produce audio CDs from MP3s.

Download Website Updated 04 Jun 2001 LiMpOo

Pop 39.51
Vit 2.32

LiMpOo is a multimedia player platform based on a Linux system using a Perl engine. It features playback of MP3 files (with playlists), CD audio (with CDDB lookup), and support for encoding, LCD, and IR. It uses MySQL for speed improvements. A PHP front-end helps to maintain all playlists.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 lmp3

Pop 11.27
Vit 1.00

lmp3 walks a directory structure in search of MP3s. It has some nice features, like hunting down lost MP3s or quickly generating a list of MP3s and feeding it to mpg123.

Download Website Updated 18 Feb 2004 MAD

Pop 245.06
Vit 3.90

MAD is a high-quality MPEG audio decoder capable of 24-bit output. All computations are performed with fixed-point integer arithmetic, making it ideal for systems without a floating-point unit. The implementation is entirely new, based on the ISO/IEC standards.


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