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No download Website Updated 05 Feb 2001 Portable Digital Music Player Library

Pop 12.49
Vit 69.72

Libpdmp is a project to write a library that supports transfering files to and otherwise exploiting the features of as many (hardware) MP3 players as the authors can get their hands on.

Download Website Updated 28 Apr 2008 Vega Strike

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Vit 6.78

Vega Strike is a Linux action space simulator designed to bring 3d space combat to a whole new level of graphics, gameplay, and customizability.

Download Website Updated 02 Oct 2009 Audacity

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Vit 7.75

Audacity is a cross-platform multitrack audio editor. It allows you to record sounds directly or to import Ogg, WAV, AIFF, AU, IRCAM, or MP3 files. It features a few simple effects, all of the editing features you should need, and unlimited undo. The audio I/O uses PortAudio, which fully supports OSS, Mac OS X CoreAudio, and Windows WMME, and can be compiled with support for ALSA and Jack.

Download Website Updated 26 Feb 2002 Open RUSH Project

Pop 11.36
Vit 1.80

OpenRUSH aims to provide support for the Philips Rush portable MP3 player under Linux.

Download Website Updated 18 Apr 2006 Mr. Voice

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Vit 6.52

Mr. Voice is a specific-purpose Perl/Tk front-end for an MP3 database. It was written to provide an easy-to-use MP3 solution for the production booth of an improv comedy troupe, and as such is tailored to providing quick searches and playback of MP3s that are split up into categories. While not intended to be a standalone desktop MP3 player, others in a similar situation may find it useful.

No download Website Updated 06 Jun 2001 MyBaD

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Vit 2.48

MyBaD is an MP3 player that aims to be a rewrite of Mike Oliphant's DigitalDJ. Details about songs are stored in a MySQL database, and playlists are generated by SQL queries through a simple interface. Compatibility with the database format of Grip will be maintained. The goals of the rewrite include a more flexible user interface, more modular code, and a faster release cycle.

No download Website Updated 20 Mar 2001 Personal Internet Broadcasting Script

Pop 20.35
Vit 1.00

The Personal Internet Broadcasting Script (PIBS) is a PHP/Apache frontend to create dynamic mp3 playlists and broadcast them with litestream. It can be used to manage playlists for a LAN in an office or to manage your Internet mp3 radio station.

Download Website Updated 31 Mar 2002 Nomad II Driver/Utilities

Pop 22.00
Vit 1.80

This driver supports the Creative Nomad II, IIc and II MG under Linux, using USB for file transfers and other operations. It consists of a library API and a command line utility. A GUI will be available soon.

Download Website Updated 25 Mar 2001 qdj

Pop 12.92
Vit 69.37

A Qt-based application to control the GlobeCom Jukebox.

Download Website Updated 24 Jul 2007 Lien Mp3 Player

Pop 49.23
Vit 6.51

Lien Mp3 is a simple and easy MP3 and Audio CD player for Linux, which uses ncurses.


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A high performance, scalable database modeled after Bigtable.


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