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No download Website Updated 26 Dec 2006 OpenDocument Viewer

Pop 19.10
Vit 1.00

OpenDocument Viewer is a cross-platform viewer for OpenDocument files. It supports text documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Support for drawings and spreadsheet charts is planned for a future release. The viewer supports most of the features that you would expect in a complete ODF viewer. It supports standard navigation features like search, standard viewing features like paged view, print preview, and changing the text size, and document properties like word count.

No download Website Updated 19 Jun 2008 Jar Ajar

Pop 26.94
Vit 1.94

Jar Ajar is a JAR-based self-extractor for zip files. It can package zipped files with descriptive images and text using a graphical interface. When recipients launch the resulting JAR, Jar Ajar guides users through the unzip process.

Download Website Updated 16 Jan 2007 vtmalloc

Pop 18.08
Vit 2.00

vtmalloc is a fast memory allocator for multi-threaded applications and Tcl. It provides low contention and the ability to return memory to the system.

No download Website Updated 06 Jan 2007 Patty

Pop 15.94
Vit 51.96

Patty is a profiler for JRE 1.5.0 only. It uses JVMTI and native bytecode instrumentation for the analysis of the heap, reachable objects, execution time, garbage collection efficiency, code coverage, and thread contention. No preparation steps are required in the build process.

No download Website Updated 21 Feb 2007 Pascal Mock

Pop 17.94
Vit 1.01

Delphi/Kylix/FreePascal were lacking a mock library. The Pascal Mock library enables the easy creation and use of Mock objects for unit testing, inspired by the various Java mock object tools. Mock objects ease unit testing by acting as replacements for classes that the object being tested must interact with.

Download Website Updated 19 Feb 2007 openQRM live-cd

Pop 33.26
Vit 1.00

openQRM live-cd is a live-CD which provides an easy and robust way to get an openQRM server environemnt running. To show some advanced features of openQRM, several plug-ins (such as the Nagios plug-in) are included.

Download Website Updated 23 Dec 2009 jPdfCalendar

Pop 31.64
Vit 2.86

jPdfCalendar is a tool which allows you to create printable calendar pages as a PDF document from any of your images. The iText library is used to create the PDF itself.

No download Website Updated 21 Aug 2007 TeleKast

Pop 14.76
Vit 2.93

TeleKast is a teleprompter. Scripts are created and used to create content for the teleprompter. The scripts can also be used for doing feature stories and interviews.

Download Website Updated 11 Jul 2007 Mindquarry Collaboration Server

Pop 72.00
Vit 2.29

The Mindquarry is an integrated set of tools for better teamwork including file sharing with version control, WYSIWYG-Wiki, and easy-to-use task management. It is accompanied by a small desktop client that allows desktop synchronization, and features a small todo list.

Download Website Updated 28 Feb 2007 most4linux

Pop 15.36
Vit 1.00

most4linux provides a Linux kernel driver for MOST PCI interfaces and userspace programs for testing the driver. The driver can be compiled for Linux 2.6 or for the RTDM, which works with the RTAI and Xenomai real-time extensions. It also provides a NetServices adaptation layer.


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A high performance, scalable database modeled after Bigtable.


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Geographic Information System