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Download Website Updated 23 Aug 2009 GKrellm SNMP Monitor

Pop 65.56
Vit 4.94

GKrellm SNMP Monitor is a plugin for GKrellM that lets you easily monitor SNMP vars. Some examples are server load via UCD-SNMP daemon or ambient temperature via router environment MIB.

Download Website Updated 05 Jan 2006 GKrellM-PMU Plugin

Pop 27.20
Vit 3.10

GKrellM-PMU is a plugin for GKrellM to create a battery monitor for Macintosh PowerBooks and iBooks on Linux/PPC systems. Display includes such things as dual battery support, time remaining, and a load graph.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 Gnokline

Pop 12.85
Vit 1.00

gnokiline is a program to manage incoming SMS messages to a Nokia mobile phone permanently connected to a PC with gnokii installed, executing programs according to commands in the SMSes if the supplied password and the sending number is correct.

Download Website Updated 02 Nov 2002 gpppkill

Pop 33.11
Vit 4.24

gpppkill is a program for Linux that ends a ppp connection if it doesn't receive a minimal amount of bytes during certain time. It shows a bar plot according to the amount of bytes received per second. All resident ppp daemons are recognized and gpppkill lets you choose which one to kill. It is written in C++ using the GTK+ toolkit.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 GQKat

Pop 19.75
Vit 2.00

GQKat is an application meant for use with a :Cue:Cat barcode reader. It prompts you to scan in a barcode and then opens up an URL pertaining to the item you scanned in the Web browser of your choice.

Download No website Updated 30 Jan 2001 Gr_Monitor

Pop 12.49
Vit 1.00

Gr_Monitor displays a series of datasets as animated 3D bar charts. It is useful for spotting runaway processes or for viewing load over all hosts in a network. The XML input format makes it easy to add more data gatherers for both computing and non-computing applications.

Download Website Updated 06 Apr 2000 gulog

Pop 17.41
Vit 72.01

gulog is a GTK UUCP log and traffic monitor. It shows the actual traffic generated by a uucico session.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 gxsnmp

Pop 38.79
Vit 2.85

gxsnmp is a SNMP managment frontend that is a part of the GNOME project. It is meant to be an easy and powerful program for network managment. Even though it is still in its early stages it is already useful for some things.

Download Website Updated 19 Jan 2002 hardmon

Pop 23.37
Vit 2.16

hardmon is a hardware monitor which includes indicators for temperature, voltage, and fan speed. It displays these indicators in a graphical panel. The default configuration allows you to monitor up to 3 temperatures, 3 fan speeds, and 6 voltages. This tool is particularly useful for multi-processor systems. The look may be changed by configuring the panel's pixmap and by altering the indicator positions.

Download Website Updated 07 Jun 2005 Hollywood Plus/DXR3 Linux Drivers

Pop 70.82
Vit 4.69

The Hollywood Plus/DXR3 Linux Drivers provide kernel drivers for MPEG/DVD decoders based on the em8300 chipset. This includes the DXR3 from Creative Labs and the Hollywood Plus from Sigma Designs.


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