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Download Website Updated 15 Feb 2013 Argus Monitoring System

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Argus is a system and network monitoring application. It will monitor nearly anything you ask it to monitor (TCP + UDP applications, IP connectivity, SNMP OIDS, etc). It presents a clean, easy-to-view Web interface. It can send alerts numerous ways (such as via pager) and can automatically escalate if someone falls asleep.

Download Website Updated 01 Feb 2007 ArgusEye

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ArgusEye is a GUI for some of the features of Argus. Argus is a powerful suite of tools for transaction-based network auditing. ArgusEye aims at supporting daily work with Argus by providing a graphical user interface.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 Artec As6e Scanner Driver

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Vit 2.25

This is a Linux driver for the Artec AS6E scanner. It scans on all available hardware resolutions in color, greyscale, and lineart, and functions in EPP, PS/2, and SPP parallel port modes. It can be used as a stand-alone program from the command line, or through the SANE (Scanner Access Now Easy) project's software.

No download Website Updated 13 Sep 2012 AsItHappens

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Vit 9.77

AsItHappens is a real-time network statistics collector and grapher. It collects data from devices over a network via ICMP and SNMP and displays them on a graph, optionally storing collected data in a database for later retrieval. Collection types include network response, bandwidth usage, processor usage, memory usage, Cisco NBAR, and Cisco NetFlow. AsItHappens polls data in regular intervals, which can be in the order of milliseconds, to give immediate feedback on network performance, and it can also graph flow information from packet capture files. AsItHappens includes the Self Defending Network, a horizontal shoot-em-up based on collected graph data.

No download No website Updated 30 May 2013 Assimilation Monitoring Project

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The Assimilation Monitoring Project is a highly scalable discovery-driven monitoring system. It integrates continuous discovery of servers, services, service dependencies, switch connections, and lots of other things into the monitoring process. The discovery is "stealthy" and will never set off any network security alarms. Adding servers doesn't measurably increase monitoring load, and the system is expected to easily scale into the 100K server range. The discovery work is distributed among all the nanoprobes (agents), which run scripts that spit out JSON. The central system (CMA) stores these strings and runs optional plugins to create graph nodes.

Download Website Updated 16 Jun 2011 Astaro Command Center

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Vit 8.18

Astaro Command Center (ACC) is an application for centralized management of Astaros gateway products. With ACC, network administrators can easily manage and control multiple Astaro devices. The two separated Web-Based GUIs (WebAdmin and Gateway Manager) enable the split of ACC-system administration and role-based Gateway monitoring and can be also implemented in existing Active Directory or eDirectory environments. ACC provides an effective overview that details the actual health of each device, swiftly allowing administrators to see which gateways require more attention or immediate action (by reason of e.g. threat level, license, or CPU/memory/disk usage). A VPN configuration feature offers the ability to set up an IPSec tunnel between managed devices very easily from a central point. Over the one-click WebAdmin SSO to each connected gateway, it is possible to react instantly if necessary.

No download Website Updated 26 Feb 2003 AstroFlow Bandwidth Management

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Vit 2.48

AstroFlow Bandwidth Management is a bandwidth management solution that features reports and many configuration options. With little or no knowledge of bandwidth management and packet shaping, it is possible to manage the traffic on your network, prioritize certain protocols such as POP3, SMTP, or databases, and guarantee that all mission-critical applications will have bandwidth available to them at all times, regardless of what other protocols are doing on your network.

No download Website Updated 10 Nov 2004 AstroFlowGuard Bandwidth & Security Manage...

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Vit 2.82

AstroFlowGuard is a Linux-based bandwidth manager, stateful firewall, intrusion detection system, and VPN server. With its user-friendly interface, automatic failover, and smart recovery system, it is the complete tool for anyone wanting to manage bandwidth and network security. It uses a hierarchical class-based system which provides a logical, intuitive view of network classes along with their priorities. It has the ability to manage P2P applications such as Kazaa and the like, manage firewall and bandwidth by time of the day, precedence, strings in any packet, and much more. Diagnose your network by powerful reporting tools that drill down to IP, port, and protocol level with graph and pie charts. It is a self-contained system that offers simple installation by means of a bootable CD and ease of use via a Web based GUI.

Download Website Updated 13 May 2003 AudiStat

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Vit 2.02

AudiStat is a PHP application for generating and showing statistics for your Web site. It gives you statistics about hit counts, referring page, visitors country, visitors domain name, etc.

Download Website Updated 16 May 2004 Audiolog

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Vit 1.00

Audiolog is a small tool for analyzing traces or logfiles in real time and producing sound events. It always reads line by line from standard input. In a configuration file, you configure regular expressions. If audiolog reads a line matching a certain expression, it plays a note. You can specify the pitch and duration of that note. This allows you to hear your network traffic.


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