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No download Website Updated 30 Sep 2001 Payload Delivery Vehicle

Pop 28.64
Vit 2.15

Payload Delivery Vehicle (PDV) is a program that builds an executable that contains a complete package (e.g. and RPM, System V package or tar file) and the commands required to install it. When the executable is run it will extract the payload (the package) and then execute another command (such as rpm -i, pkgadd -d etc.). The big advantage to this is that a developer can hand a user a single file to be executed - the end user does not need to know how to extract the package or get it installed.

Download Website Updated 29 Sep 2001 tclib: Java Typed Collections

Pop 28.62
Vit 1.44

tclib is a library/framework for type-specific collections in Java. It provides basic implementations for several common varieties of collections, including growable arrays, stacks, queues, hash maps, and hash sets. Both primitive and object element types are supported. Some specific typed variants are supplied for each collection flavor, and instructions are included for easily deriving other typed variants based on the code provided.

Download Website Updated 21 Sep 2001 adlook

Pop 19.34
Vit 1.42

adlook (Address Lookup tool) is a multi-threaded host name and technical contact lookup tool. It accepts a list of IP addresses from the command line, from a data file, or from stdin, and outputs the hostname and technical contact for each address. Although it is written in Python, for the time being it runs only on UNIX systems. Python must have been compiled with threads enabled to run adlook.

Download Website Updated 14 Sep 2001 athena-delete

Pop 25.06
Vit 1.00

athena-delete was written at Project Athena in response to the problem which many novice UNIX users have with accidentally deleting files they didn't want to delete.

Download Website Updated 10 Sep 2001 squelch

Pop 32.71
Vit 2.51

Squelch is a player dedicated to Ogg Vorbis. It features a sophisticated playlist manager and a Vorbis tag editor. Most popular output types are supported.

Download Website Updated 15 Aug 2001 Tidarque

Pop 15.43
Vit 68.48

Tidarque is an open source VRML browser for Unix. It intends to be robust, full-featured, flexible, and fast.

Download Website Updated 01 Aug 2001 StandardFAQ

Pop 19.90
Vit 68.59

StandardFAQ is a simple FAQ manager, orginally designed for the Linux Terminal Server Project. It has evolved into a useable system with an administrative backend. It was designed to be simple and not overly complex, and be easy to use and administer.

No download Website Updated 28 Jul 2001 Smooth Metal Look And Feel

Pop 11.00
Vit 68.61

The Smooth Metal Look And Feel is an upgrade to the cross-platform Metal Look And Feel for Java 2. It uses enhanced anti-aliased Java 2D graphics to make it look nicer. The main goal is to create a very cool cross-platform Look And Feel for Java.

Download Website Updated 24 Jul 2001 Remote Seti

Pop 18.06
Vit 1.41

Remote Seti's purpose is to build a client-server application that will send summaries from Seti@Home clients distributed all across a network to a central host, allowing a monitoring program to show results and statistics for multiple computers.

Download Website Updated 24 Jul 2001 Domainstat

Pop 11.36
Vit 1.00

Domainstat helps you find out where your website visitors are from, and generates statistics on hits per top level domain (e.g. .com, .org, .uk, .se, .fr). It currently works with apache log format, but can easily be extended to understand other formats. It is written in Python.


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A scientific computation and visualization environment.