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Download Website Updated 07 Apr 2003 Shapefile C Library

Pop 130.62
Vit 1.07

Shapefile C Library is a C library for reading and writing ESRI Shapefiles and their related DBF files. All geometry types are supported, with robust DBF support. Shapelib is widely used for commercial and free projects. Shapelib includes command line utilities for dumping, subsetting, clipping, shifting, scaling, and reprojecting shapefiles.

No download Website Updated 31 Mar 2003 Jeff's Digital Notary

Pop 18.30
Vit 1.00

Jeff's Digital Notary is a Web-based digital notary service. It's written in Python and allows you to setup your own digital notary really quickly. It uses GPG for all signing.

No download Website Updated 29 Mar 2003 Unicode Font Info

Pop 25.30
Vit 1.42

Unicode Font Info is a font inspection tool designed for Mac OS X 10.2 Jaguar. It includes full support for Unicode 3.2 allowing you to easily navigate huge fonts with tens of thousands of supported glyphs representing most of the languages and scripts used in the world.

Download Website Updated 26 Mar 2003 Catch the Furball

Pop 17.23
Vit 2.01

Catch the Furball is an icebreaker board game intended for friends to play around a computer. It features a freshly-generated board for each game, an eclectic collection of cards, and beautiful pictures of Cambridge University. The distribution is intended both to allow Web masters to quickly set up their own copy of the game, and to allow tinkerers to use the game engine to make their own games. It includes the editor used to create game data.

Download Website Updated 19 Mar 2003 DMI Gallery

Pop 50.35
Vit 3.29

DMI Gallery is an editor-oriented image gallery application based on DMI. The editor just needs to FTP full-sized pictures into the directory and small and medium-sized thumbnails are automatically created. If a text documents with the same name as the picture is uploaded, it will be inserted as a description. DMI Gallery provides a complete set of navigation controls, and allows designers to create templates in their favorite HTML editor to customize the look and feel of the image gallery.

No download Website Updated 11 Mar 2003 Microsoft Word 2002 Unmunger

Pop 27.20
Vit 1.76

The Word Unmunger is a small Python program which removes much of the HTML cruft produced by Microsoft Word 2002 (Word version 10), making the files much easier to edit by hand. It removes XML namespace declarations, smart tags, meta tags, HTML comments, style sheets, DIVs, the Microsoft Office file list, CSS classes, and Microsoft Office grammar and spelling error markers.

Download Website Updated 05 Mar 2003 HDL to HTML conversion script

Pop 16.61
Vit 1.00

The HDL to HTML conversion script converts either VHDL or verilog to HTML. By default, it creates a left hand menu bar and right hand source display.

No download Website Updated 01 Mar 2003 StarDock to XCursor

Pop 47.72
Vit 1.73

StarDock to XCursor convertss StarDock CursorXP themes to XCursor themes. It allows a wide range of cursors designed for Windows to be used within XFree86 4.2.99 or higher. It supports full-color, alpha-translucent, animated cursors.

Download Website Updated 25 Feb 2003 trio

Pop 28.09
Vit 4.32

Trio is a highly portable set of string functions focused on its *printf() clones. The printf() formatting is compatible with ANSI, BSD, GNU, and most of the C9X specs. The scanf() parts are incomplete.

No download Website Updated 24 Feb 2003 ccdoc

Pop 23.87
Vit 1.00

Ccdoc is a Javadoc-inspired tool that automatically generates HTML Web documentation from C++ programs by parsing the source file headers. It was designed to aid the collaboration between package users and package developers. It runs on FreeBSD, Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris, and Windows (98, 2k, Me, and XP).


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