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No download Website Updated 21 Aug 2009 JLeak

Pop 17.49
Vit 41.73

JLeak is a JVM agent meant to track down memory leaks within Java applications. It uses the javassist library to enhance Java classes in order to register instantiations and finalizations. The history view shows the stack trace of all new recorded instances. The graphic interface can be launched within the application or remotely as a dedicated process. Either way, the JLeak engine and the GUI communicate through network sockets. JLeak adds a reasonable memory overhead consumption, and can be easily launched through any IDE such as Eclipse, even on J2EE applications.

Download Website Updated 19 Oct 2009 Review

Pop 16.64
Vit 41.04

Review lets you use flashcards, automatic score tracking, and efficient review sessions to study and recall anything. It keeps track of how well you know each question, so it can test your weaker spots more frequently. You can add your own questions or flashcards in the form of text, mathematical symbols, images, or sounds. You can also set prerequisites to any question.

No download No website Updated 19 Dec 2009 JSingleton

Pop 13.34
Vit 40.28

Have you ever wanted to create a Java class where the instances behave like the Java String, i.e. instances with the same contents share a singleton? The JSingleton project, consisting of just a few classes, makes it very simple to create classes with this property.

No download No website Updated 30 Nov 2011 Dragon Memory

Pop 24.94
Vit 30.19

Dragon Memory is a simple but fun memory game with very detailed graphics and addictive gameplay.

Download Website Updated 22 Aug 2012 Vocabulink

Pop 17.61
Vit 25.39

Vocabulink is a Web-based program for learning foreign language vocabulary through mnemonics and spaced repetition.

Download Website Updated 24 Oct 2013 STMX

Pop 49.84
Vit 2.70

STMX is a high-performance Common Lisp library for composable Transactional Memory (TM), a concurrency control mechanism aimed at making concurrent programming easier to write and understand. Instead of traditional lock-based programming, one programs with atomic memory transactions: if a memory transaction returns normally it is committed. If it signals an error, it is rolled back. Transactions can safely run in parallel in different threads, are re-executed from the beginning in case of conflicts or if consistent reads cannot be guaranteed, and effects of a transaction are not visible from other threads until committed. This gives freedom from deadlocks, automatic rollback on failure, and aims to resolve the tension between granularity and concurrency.

Download Website Updated 10 Jul 2013 gmbar

Pop 22.05
Vit 2.54

gmbar provides a library and a set of programs for producing graphical multibars for dzen2.

No download No website Updated 03 Jun 2013 exude

Pop 49.14
Vit 2.06

exude is a simple to use memory debugger. It enhances standard memory allocation calls with simple replacements that add just a little more functionality, such as keeping track of whether memory was previously allocated, and prevents common errors such as double frees, memory leaks, and so on.

Download No website Updated 11 Feb 2011 Ingatan

Pop 45.33
Vit 1.08

Ingatan is a clean, intuitive, and highly flexible memory quiz generator. It is perfect for a huge range of applications, including learning languages, remembering physics equations, labelling anatomical diagrams, practising any type of exam question, and reviewing organic chemistry mechanisms. When asking questions, a bias is placed toward those with a low historical grade. An inline symbol menu makes it easy to insert non-keyboard characters. Questions are intelligently organised into libraries, and libraries into groups, and can easily be shared.

No download No website Updated 03 Nov 2009 Classmexer

Pop 18.84
Vit 1.00

Classmexer is a simple instrumentation agent that can be attached to a Java program and allows that program to query the memory usage of objects, including the "deep" memory usage: aggregate usage of an object and its sub-objects or referred objects.


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