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InfinityTK is a light-weight application development toolkit with utilities for OpenGL window creation, OpenGL function loading, keyboard/mouse events, image loading, header only 3D mathematics, and all you would need to start creating graphical applications in C++11.

Download No website Updated 11 Jul 2013 phpEquations

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phpEquations is a PHP class that can find the solutions of linear, polynomial, and trigonometric mathematical equations and systems. It takes a string with one or more equations and parses it to solve the equations. The solutions are returned as an associative array with the values of each equation variable. The class uses a variation of Newton's method with a special technique, called Blocking, to maximize speed by reducing a large problem into smaller problems with fewer variables. The time limit for running the algorithm, the number of variables, the number of iterations, and the iteration step are configurable parameters.

No download Website Updated 08 Dec 2012 vectorz

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Vectorz is a fast double-precision vector and matrix math library for Java. It's meant for use in games, simulations, raytracers, etc., where fast vector math is important. It can do over one billion 3D vector operations per second on a single thread.


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The Sound of Sorting

A demo program containing many integer sorting algorithms.


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A Java library supporting FTPS (FTP over SSL) and SFTP.