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Download Website Updated 17 Sep 2003 Gangplank conferencing system

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Gangplank is a Computer Mediated Communication (CMC) system (or "chat server") which supports real-time communication between users, currently using a text-based user interface. It runs as an Internet server which implements the standard telnet protocol, so no special client program is necessary for users. Server-side processing provides input editing/history and terminal- handling features over the telnet connection for standard ANSI terminals. This code has been in production use on a private server since early 1993. This single-process server is fast, efficient and stable.

Download No website Updated 17 Sep 2003 VerliHub

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VerliHub is a Direct Connect server (HUB) for Linux. It features banlists for IP addresses, nicks, and hosts, temporary or permanent bans, the ability to register users for a hierarchy of 2 non-op and 4 opertor levels, MySQL data storage, and the ability to change some settings at runtime. It consumes minimal CPU resources and quite moderate RAM resources. Users that are registered for a VerliHub server gain a few advantages. For example, the user won't be affected by an IP address ban that was set against another user who shares the same IP address.

Download Website Updated 13 Sep 2003 Transit Executive

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Transit Executive is a real-time strategy simulation game in which you build transit systems, make profits, and attempt to take over your competition.

No download Website Updated 12 Sep 2003 Real-Time Control Systems Library

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Real-Time Control Systems Library contains a mix of software found to be useful in the development of real-time control systems at the National Institute of Standards and Technology. It includes the Neutral Messaging Language (NML), which is used for simple configurable communications for both Java and C++ applications on a variety of operating systems. It also includes classes for converting between various coordinate systems (collectively called posemath), some XML parsing and generating tools, an .ini file reader, a timer interface, and more.

Download Website Updated 09 Sep 2003 PX-GUI

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PX-GUI is a set of platform independent C++ classes built on top of the SDL (Simple Directmedia Layer) library to provide basic GUI functionality with standard widgets set.

Download Website Updated 05 Sep 2003 iTab Pro QuickNavBar

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iTab Pro QuickNavBar is a high-speed, multi-level, scalable topbar navigation tool. As well as tabs and switchbars, it includes deep multi-level frame-crossing drop-down menus and an optional search interface.

Download Website Updated 04 Sep 2003 nj

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nj is an IRC nick juper. It connects to a specified server and tries to jupe (or claim) a nick for you. If the nick is taken, it will periodically repeat its attempt to see if the nick is taken, and when the nick is released nj will take that nick.

Download No website Updated 04 Sep 2003 JarBuilder

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JarBuilder allows programmers to easily create jar files. It is written in Java, providing a nice Swing GUI. Although it isn't programmed as a classic wizard, Java programmers are able to build their own jar files with JarBuilder in three steps. First, you selected the files you want to include in the jar file, then you load or write your manifest file (JarBuilder can do an automatic search for main classes for you and add the correct statement to the manifest file). Finally, you select the compression level of the jar file, and JarBuilder creates the file for you.

Download Website Updated 04 Sep 2003 NFS Commander

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NFS Commander is a Mac OS X tool for managing NFS mounts and exports.

Download Website Updated 03 Sep 2003 Covert Channel Tunneling Tool

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Covert Channel Tunneling Tool (CCTT) is a tool presenting several exploitation techniques allowing the creation of arbitrary data transfer channels in the data streams authorized by a network access control system.


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