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No download Website Updated 06 Jun 2006 Bib2x

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Bib2x allows the conversion of BibTeX bibliographies to any ASCII/UTF8-based file format using templates. Bib2x allows filtering on a subset of bibliographic entries read from BibTeX databases.

No download Website Updated 22 May 2014 beaTunes

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beaTunes is an iTunes companion app capable of automatically analyzing your music collection to help you build better playlists. It analyzes BPM (beats per minute), silence at the beginning or end of a song, and the color (based on frequency spectrum) of a given song. Some of the data is stored through iTunes, and some is stored by beaTunes itself. beaTunes can suggest albums that would complement your music collection, display music charts, and help you find and fix errors in your song meta data, like typos and wrong genres. It also allows you to blog about selected songs or playlists.

Download Website Updated 12 Jun 2006 Structure101

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Vit 54.11

Structure101 is a tool to understand, measure, and control software structure. It allows you to see exactly how your high-level components depend on each other and why. You can use it to find out immediately when your architecture is accidentally changed by code-level changes at the coal-face. It can help you control structural complexity, since it can measure the complexity of methods, classes, and packages and warn you when given limits are exceeded. It can also discover the locations of productivity-killing package dependency cycles.

No download Website Updated 21 Jul 2006 MegaBlanker

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Vit 2.25

MegaBlanker is a utility to blank CD-RW and DVD-RW/DVD+RW discs for Mac OS X, Intel and PPC versions. It is able to blank some discs that the finder will not recognize, offering you the ability to fix some rewritable media that would otherwise be a coaster.

No download Website Updated 06 Dec 2010 CrossFTP

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CrossFTP Client is a multi-tabbed FTP and Amazon S3 client supporting SFTP, FXP, WebDav, MobileMe iDisk, and Amazon S3. It uses a two-pane interface. It features multiple tabs, multiple threads, scheduling, synchronization, remote editing, archives support, anti-idles, and much more.

No download Website Updated 17 Jun 2006 Hippojump

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Hippojump is an alert management application that allows you to track RSS, XML, HTML, and Web services with specific keywords, and deliver the results to devices such as desktop, email, and SMS. It is an Eclipse-based RCP application, and is extensible via plugins. Examples of alerts include notification of movies with reviews of greater than 70%, of news that match certain keywords, of travel deals that relate to a cruise in a particular place, and of good deals on tickets to shows or famous destinations.

Download Website Updated 21 Apr 2008 BTFishes

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The BTFishes screen saver looks for nearby Bluetooth devices (e.g. cell phones and other computers), and summons a unique, colorful fish for each device it finds. It will also display a news feed of your choice.

Download Website Updated 15 Dec 2006 GStreamer Ugly Plug-ins

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Vit 1.79

GStreamer Ugly Plug-ins is a set of plug-ins that have good quality and correct functionality, but whose distribution might pose problems. The license on either the plug-ins or the supporting libraries might not be ideal. The code might be widely known to present patent problems.

Download Website Updated 22 Dec 2006 GStreamer Bad Plug-ins

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Vit 1.46

GStreamer Bad Plug-ins is a set of plug-ins that aren't up to par compared to the rest. They might be close to being good quality, but they're missing something such as a good code review, some documentation, a set of tests, a real live maintainer, or some actual wide use.

Download Website Updated 20 Aug 2013 ike-scan

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ike-scan discovers IPsec VPN servers, and can fingerprint them using UDP backoff and Vendor ID fingerprinting techniques. It supports IKE Main Mode and Aggressive Mode. ike-scan allows flexible specification of the outgoing IKE packet, and decodes the response packets. It also supports pre-shared key cracking for IKE aggressive mode with pre-shared key authentication.


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A two-factor authentication server.


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A note-taking app.