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Download Website Updated 30 Oct 2001 pgLOGd

Pop 32.12
Vit 1.01

pgLOGd (PostgreSQL Logging Daemon) records Apache Web server log entries to a PostgreSQL database. The daemon solves the problems of log rotation and configuration for many virtual sites. It uses very little system resources, and is extremely easy to set-up and run.

Download Website Updated 15 Feb 2007 php syslog viewer

Pop 41.18
Vit 1.00

php syslog viewer is a free web application written in PHP for viewing and searching system logs stored in a MySQL database.

Download Website Updated 01 Jun 2004 php-syslog-ng

Pop 172.62
Vit 3.05

php-syslog-ng is a front-end for viewing syslog-ng messages logged to MySQL in real-time. It features customized searches based on device, time, priority, message, and date.

No download Website Updated 03 Nov 2004 phpLogFacility

Pop 34.29
Vit 1.42

phpLogFacility is a log class for PHP (like log4j for Java). It provides an easy-to-use logging mechanism for a console or Web script without the need for ugly debug screen output.

No download Website Updated 20 Sep 2011 picviz

Pop 43.08
Vit 2.43

Picviz is a parallel coordinates plotter which enables easy scripting from various types of input (such as tcpdump, syslog, iptables logs, or Apache logs) to visualize your data and discover interesting results quickly. Its primary goal is to graph data in order to be able to quickly analyze problems and find correlations among variables. With security analysis in mind, the program has been designed to be very flexible, able to graph millions of events.

No download No website Updated 18 Oct 2009 popword

Pop 31.69
Vit 41.04

Pop Words is an application that logs text of interest the user may come across on the Web. The tally of the most popular keywords will be displayed. A rule of thumb to select which headlines to log with are those that one would click to read on.

Download Website Updated 19 Sep 2001 ppa

Pop 51.19
Vit 1.76

ppa maintains a per-user prepaid account balance in an Internet cafe environment. It uses operating system accounting files (wtmp) to debit accounts, presents up-to-the-minute account balances on a per-user Web page, and accepts payments and charges from an administrator.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 pppctl

Pop 13.64
Vit 1.77

pppctl is a suite of programs suitable for use by those with ppp connections. It includes programs to facilitate charging for use of the connection, controlling the connection from a web page and selecting from a range of ISPs to use to dialup. It's also ideal for doing automated mail/news polls.

Download Website Updated 05 Mar 2003 ppplog

Pop 21.63
Vit 1.00

ppplog keeps track of your PPP online sessions. Once started it detects when you are online and automatically calculates costs according to your local phone company. It doesn't matter whether your company still calculates by units (fix price for a unit, units differ in length) or by seconds (unitlength = n sec, price differs). Everything can be easily configured. The setup for your phone company is stored in a config file.

Download Website Updated 14 Feb 2012 pyplt

Pop 14.21
Vit 37.45

pyplt is a personal logging tool, allowing users to keep track of what they are doing in a simple manner. You can think of it as a private local blog with a command line interface.


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A command line option parser for C that works on a minimal set of dependencies.


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A time synchronization daemon which keeps your system time accurate.