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No download Website Updated 03 Jan 2007 SpotSec Network Gateway

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SpotSec Network Gateway is an all in one Linux firewall and gateway distribution that features a Web-based management console. It is designed to be a unified threat management system to protect and defend a network. Common features include intrusion detection and prevention and HTTP, SMTP, and POP3 proxies with content filtering and virus scanning. The design of the Web interface is centered around the definition of networks, services, users, and time events, which allows easier modification of packet filter rules.

Download Website Updated 27 Feb 2011 NoBug

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NoBug is a library which provides assertions, logging statements, and annotations for C and C++ programs. It includes pre-/post-condition and invariant checks, as well as generic assertions. Checks are enabled based on build-levels and scope tags. It also includes debugger support (valgrind), dumping of data structures, logging your application's activities, runtime customizable logging via environment variables, different logging targets (ringbuffer, stderr, syslog, debugger, etc.), and annotation of your source code regarding known bugs, things to do, and planned things. It can track resources and detect deadlocks.

Download Website Updated 30 Dec 2009 ClamFS

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ClamFS is a FUSE-based user-space file system for Linux with on-access anti-virus file scanning through the clamd daemon.

Download Website Updated 23 Nov 2012 System Configuration Collector for Windows

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System Configuration Collector for Windows collects configuration data from Windows systems and compares the data with the previous run. Differences are added to a logbook, and all data can be sent to the server part of SCC.

Download Website Updated 18 Feb 2007 speedupd

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speedupd is a daemon that performs maintenance tasks on the PHP syslog viewer's database. These tasks include optimizing searches by updating cache data, log rotation, and archiving older data so that it takes up less room on the disk.

Download Website Updated 15 Feb 2007 php syslog viewer

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php syslog viewer is a free web application written in PHP for viewing and searching system logs stored in a MySQL database.

No download No website Updated 31 Dec 2009 GroundWork Monitor Community Edition

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GroundWork Monitor Community Edition can give you insight into your computing infrastructure, allowing you to see the current and historical states of all your computers: servers, desktops, and laptops, all of your network devices, all of your services (like TCP/IP and Web services), and all of your applications (like mail servers and database apps). You can choose to be alerted when something goes awry via pager, SMS, email, or phone, and even set up automatic restarts or fall-overs.

Download Website Updated 22 Oct 2007 syslog-async

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syslog-async provides a version of syslog() which never blocks. It should be generally useful for any daemon for which it's more important that the daemon continue to function than that it continue to log.

Download Website Updated 13 Dec 2007 Alerttail

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Alerttail monitors a given file and executes a list of actions when a user-defined text pattern has been written to the file. For example, the user can pop up a GTK notification window when a certain message is written to a log file. Actions can be alerttail built in actions (GTK notify action, geoipLocalization action, or filtering text action) or a custom user defined shell command action. A Qt 4 GUI frontend helps with configuration.

No download Website Updated 24 Oct 2008 Rxlogd

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Rxlogd is a receive-only syslog server (collector) that can coexist with sysklogd. It features simplicity, ease of use, and a built-in DNS cache for high performance. The intended audience is users of enterprise systems stuck with sysklogd, or administrators who don't need more complex syslog server solutions.


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An easy to use, but still quite capable firewall for Netfilter/iptables.


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A public domain version of lzip.