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No download Website Updated 08 Oct 2006 IBM Web Service Streaming Engine

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The IBM Web Service Streaming Engine uses a standards-based streaming protocol to stream MP3 audio, MPEG-4 video, images, and text through external content management. This multi-media streaming engine integrates well with existing Web-based enterprise applications, has been tested on Apache Axis and WebSphere service hosts, and can run on both Linux and Windows.

No download Website Updated 10 Oct 2006 driza

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Driza is a graphical user interface for the R statistics package. Its main purpose is to complement university studies of statistics.

No download Website Updated 12 Oct 2006 Component Templates for Assets and Artifacts

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Component Templates for Assets and Artifacts is an Eclipse-based toolkit that allows developers to focus on business aspects of the development process instead of the technological. This Java-implemented toolkit automatically enforces all template-defined constraints, which makes it easier to create ready-to-use and reusable assets or artifacts.

Download No website Updated 17 Oct 2006 dmsarchivista

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Vit 52.92

The ArchivistaBox is a document management system (DMS) and archiving server. All required features are pre-installed and the implementation is kept to an absolute minimum. It features easy installation, a Web interface for both end users and administration, scanner integration, FTP scanning, PDF printing, backups, and OCR and PDF integration that allows the creation of searchable PDFs.

No download Website Updated 19 Oct 2006 xml-pbuilder

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xml-pbuilder is a tool which builds a complete XML parser (using Flex/Bison) using a DTD. A DTD parsing library is also available within this project.

Download Website Updated 22 Oct 2006 Free Image Manipulator

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Free Image Manipulator (FIM) allows you to manipulate a whole set of images at once easily. You can resize all images from the set to the same size and convert between the most popular file types like PNG, JPEG, and GIF. You can also add text or logos to the images with a specified background and opacity level and color.

Download Website Updated 27 Oct 2006 gVerse

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Vit 52.83

gVerse is a program written for Gnome that displays a daily Bible verse. It can also display the verse on the command line if the user passes it an option.

No download Website Updated 01 Nov 2006 C Open SMPP

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Vit 52.78

The C Open SMPP library provides an implementation of PDU handling parts of the SMPP 3.4 protocol. The distribution includes samples for building SMPP receiver or transmitter daemon services.

No download Website Updated 15 Nov 2006 Universal Control Daemon

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Vit 52.65

Universal Control Daemon (unictrl) is a comunication daemon for all monitoring services on a Linux server/router/workstation. It works dynamically with plugins.

Download Website Updated 16 Nov 2006 make3d

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Vit 52.64

make3d is a small command-line program that makes 3d-anaglyphs from two digital photographs. The program can automatically align the pictures.


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A Web-based interface for UNIX users


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A deduplication-based filesystem for Windows and Linux (SDFS).