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Download Website Updated 29 Mar 2005 XamimeLT

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XamimeLT is an email scanner which encapsulates your existing sendmail or Postfix server setup. It scans both incoming and outgoing email. It can scan for email viruses, unwanted file types (eg. EXE, BMP, MPEG) and file names (eg. prettypark.exe), spam, and almost anything you care to search for in an email. It can also be used to scan for text snippets within emails and to insert disclaimers into outbound emails. XamimeLT was formerly known as "Inflex".

Download Website Updated 02 Sep 2011 integrit

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integrit is an alternative to file integrity verification programs like tripwire and aide. It helps you determine whether an intruder has modified a computer system. integrit's major advantages are a small memory footprint and simplicity. It works by creating a database that is a snapshot of the most essential parts of your computer system. You put the database somewhere safe, and you can then use it to make sure that no one has made any illicit modifications to the computer system. In the case of a break in, you know exactly which files have been modified, added, or removed.

Download Website Updated 29 Jun 2006 Intel IA32 Microcode Update Utility

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The microcode_ctl utility is a companion to the Linux IA32 microcode driver present in recent kernels (2.2.18+ / 2.4.x / 2.6.x). It decodes and sends new microcode to the kernel driver to be uploaded to Intel IA32 family processors.

No download Website Updated 14 Feb 2013 Intelligent FRAC

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Intelligent FRAC is a Linux release of an old 3D packing (tetris-like) game with new features. It is available in svgalib and X11 implementations. It supports all color modes, from 4 to 32bpp, and therefore will run on any video card (even those not supported directly by svgalib). The X11 module can run in window (X11 generic) and full screen (XFree86-DGA 2.0) modes by changing and restoring video mode if necessary. Other features include joystick support, an option to choose your favourite music to play, volume control, and a demo mode.

Download Website Updated 06 Sep 2004 interceptty

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interceptty is a program that sits between a serial port (or other tty-style device) and an application, and logs everything that passes through it. It is designed to let you see exactly what's going to your serial port. It can also act as a logging serial-to-Ethernet client or server.

Download Website Updated 09 Sep 2004 Internet Document and Report Server

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The Internet Document And Report Server (IDRS) is a full Web development platform. All pages are built using an XML like dialect called the Reporting Markup Language (RML), can be generated using data from any JDBC complient database, and mostly require no programming logic. For reports that do require programming logic, RML pages can also use external Java classes and embedded JPython and BeanShell scripts for a higher level of control. Features of the IDRS include user-based security, data connection pooling for use by both the central IDRS system and by individual reports, and multiple databases to be used for each report and JSP.

Download Website Updated 14 Sep 2003 interpcom

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interpcom is a command interpreter library in C that can be used to build scientific applications. It is very easy to add new commands. The library contains an expression evaluator that can be used to parse the arguments of the commands. It is possible to define "objects" which are arrays of numbers having a name, and structures. It is possible to use threads (several programs running simultaneously).

Download Website Updated 14 Sep 2003 Inti

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Inti is a set of integrated C++ foundation classes for developing GTK+ applications on Linux. It comes with more than 330 classes that wrap most of the objects found in the GTK+ libraries. It has its own system of signals and slots, and has a standard string compatible UTF-8 string class, a full set of example programs, a C++ version of the GTK+ demonstration program, and an extensive tutorial. It unleashes the power of GTK+ with a state-of-the-art C++ GUI toolkit. It makes developing applications easy, intuitive, and efficient, and is designed to work nicely with the GNU toolchain, and take advantage of the standard C++ features provided by the GNU compiler.

Download Website Updated 13 May 2008 IOzone

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IOzone is a filesystem benchmark tool. The benchmark generates and measures a variety of file operations. Iozone has been ported to many machines and runs under many operating systems.

Download Website Updated 19 Apr 2001 ip-masq-log

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The ip-masq-log patch can be used on a masquerading firewall (NAT) to keep a log of all the outgoing masqueraded TCP connections. It's even possible to log the name of the user who has opened the connection. This can be a useful security tool for many small networks that are hidden by a masquerading box if users cannot be totally trusted.


Project Spotlight


A GUI to ease the process of producing a multipage PDF from a scan.


Project Spotlight

Monkey HTTP Daemon

A small, powerful, and really fast Web server for Linux.