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No download Website Updated 04 Mar 2002 KSamStat

Pop 22.47
Vit 67.00

KSamStat is a KDE-based monitor for Samba servers. It shows information in a tree view.

Download Website Updated 05 Mar 2002 md5bfcpf

Pop 14.70
Vit 66.99

MD5BFCPF is another brute-force MD5 password cracker written in Perl.

Download Website Updated 06 Mar 2002 PDF Report Writer

Pop 15.62
Vit 66.98

FyTek's PDF Report Writer allows you to easily create reports with headers and/or footers as well as text and tables that flow across pages. It features XML tags and many popular HTML tags (like TABLE, TR, and TD) to create PDF reports. It also contains a rich set of features and functions which go far beyond plain HTML.

    No download Website Updated 08 Mar 2002 Serial Over IP

    Pop 59.87
    Vit 66.97

    Serial Over IP is a tool for the transport of serial interfaces over UDP/IP. It is usefull for connecting distant equipment that run via a serial interfaces to a local computer. It requires two computers that are running Linux and are connected via IP.

    No download Website Updated 08 Mar 2002 Mceitor

    Pop 9.38
    Vit 66.96

    Mceitor is a program to quickly and easily compute functions of matrices. It supports determinant calculation, inversions, and automatic or manual reduction of matrices. It requires the Ncurses library.

    No download Website Updated 11 Mar 2002 beware

    Pop 13.56
    Vit 66.94

    beware is a small DNS server that can have nameserver responsibility delegated to it and that can return a set of authoritative "IN A" records to a client. Given a list of hosts for a certain domain name, it also tests for services specified and will only return IP addresses for currently reachable services.

    Download Website Updated 13 Mar 2002 Network And Service Monitoring System

    Pop 30.69
    Vit 66.93

    Network and Service Monitoring System is a tool for assisting network administrators in managing and monitoring the activities of their network. It helps in getting the status information of critical processes running at any machine in the network. It can be used to monitor the bandwidth usage of individual machines in the network. It also performs checks for IP-based network services like POP3, SMTP, NNTP, FTP, etc., and can give you the status of the DNS server. The system uses MySQL for storing the information, and the output is displayed via a Web interface.

    Download Website Updated 14 Mar 2002 pemf

    Pop 21.68
    Vit 66.92

    pemf is a Perl mail filter that is easy to modify and control. It can save mail, reply to mail, forward mail, pipe mail, forge mail, and do anything else that a Turing complete mail filter should do.

    Download Website Updated 17 Mar 2002 MLCD

    Pop 8.77
    Vit 66.90

    MLCD is a kernel module that supports LCDs driven by Mitsubishi's M50530 controller. The display must be connected to the parallel port. The use of a character device makes it easy to send characters and control sequences to the display using the "echo" program.

    No download Website Updated 18 Mar 2002 Objective Simple Direct Media Layer

    Pop 13.19
    Vit 66.89

    Objective Simple Direct Media Layer (oSDL) is a C++ wrapper around SDL which adds some higher-level functions.


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    A Web-based interface for UNIX users


    Project Spotlight


    A deduplication-based filesystem for Windows and Linux (SDFS).