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Download Website Updated 03 Jun 2003 Qt Multi Window Editor (qmwedit)

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Vit 1.51

QMWEdit stands for Qt Multi Window Editor. It is a simple editor (IDE) for small C/C++ projects. The editor is based on Qt libraries 3.1.2. The goal of this project is to have an easy-to-use editor, which provides a lot of nice features.

Download Website Updated 26 Jan 2002 WCCP Server Daemon

Pop 15.97
Vit 1.42

WCCPd is a Web Cache Coordination Protocol daemon, written in C, that listens to WCCP version 1 clients (like Squid or Cisco CacheEngine). Based on availability, it forwards HTTP packets to the Cache farm, or lets them thru. Scripts are used for the actual kernel-level forwarding configuration. It supports Linux 2.2.x and 2.4.x with IP Virtual Server.

Download Website Updated 09 Mar 2002 Lin-setibuf Modules

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Vit 1.43

Lin-setibuf is a set of Perl modules for manipulating both the SETI@Home client files, and the SETI@Home text client. SETI::Monitor offers an intuitive interface to stats retrieval, and manipulation via a Perl program. SETI::Client gives the Perl programmer a high-level layer for control of the SETI@Home client.

Download Website Updated 19 Jan 2002 BookBase

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Vit 2.01

Bookbase stores each of your books in a MySQL database by its unique ISBN. Searches on your collection retrieve books by title, author, publication / copyright date, publisher, cover type and price, or even when or how many times you've read the book. Any entry can be modified or deleted with ease. Report printing is in the works.

Download Website Updated 08 Jun 2002 QuickTime Utilities

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Vit 2.04

Qtutils is a collection of command line programs for manipulating QuickTime videos. It includes, among other things, qtconv, which allows one to change the codec used by a QT file, qtsplit, which splits a QT file into several smaller QT files, and qtsg, which creates a QT slideshow from a series of images and a soundtrack. A script named vcdize also allows you to create VCDs or SVCDs out of QuickTime sources.

Download Website Updated 19 Dec 2001 eventman

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Vit 1.00

eventman is a simple Web-based event list manager.

Download Website Updated 13 Dec 2001 LibOrb

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Vit 1.00

LibOrb is a simple POSIX-based library for communicating with the SpaceOrb 360 six-degree- of-freedom game controller devices, via RS-232 serial ports on Unix-like systems. It makes it easy to incorporate support for these devices into 3D visualization, and VR software.

Download Website Updated 13 Dec 2001 Midid

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Vit 1.00

Midid is a portable MIDI interface library for Unix- like systems supporting both RS-232 based MIDI interfaces, and native MIDI hardware interfaces.

Download Website Updated 17 Feb 2009 GOBLIN Graph Library

Pop 161.50
Vit 14.21

The GOBLIN project consists of a C++ class library for a large series of graph optimization problems, GOSH, an extension of the Tcl/Tk scripting language to graph objects, and GOBLET, a graphical user interface to the library functions. GOBLET includes a graph editor and supports the standard graph layout methods.

Download No website Updated 13 Dec 2001 ijolt

Pop 9.80
Vit 67.60

ijolt is a basic ISDN keepalive/autodialer for permanent-style PPP over ISDN connections. The idea is that ijolt runs against an ISDN in manual dial mode, making sure its always connected.


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A GUI to ease the process of producing a multipage PDF from a scan.


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Monkey HTTP Daemon

A small, powerful, and really fast Web server for Linux.