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Download Website Updated 06 Jul 2001 gvoice

Pop 22.36
Vit 1.00

gvoice enables other GKrellM plugins to use the IBM ViaVoice functionality without requiring that it be there to install. With this plugin, it is quite simple to add voice messages into other GKrellM plugins. If the IBM software is not installed, the voice functionality simply won't work.

Download Website Updated 06 Jul 2001 gvacm

Pop 13.49
Vit 1.00

gvacm is a VACM plugin for GKrellM that allows the user to show the status of machines for a particular nexxus, using a simple metric showing the number of running machines, versus the total number of machines (i.e. "5/7").

Download Website Updated 06 Jul 2001 glogwatch

Pop 21.91
Vit 1.00

glogwatch is a GKrellM plugin that alllows the monitoring of an arbitrary file, such as /var/log/messages, or a SNORT alert file, for changes. Once a change is detected, a timer is displayed showing the elapsed time since the change occurred. The timer is reset and re-armed when the user clicks on the plugin to view the file.

No download Website Updated 24 Mar 2002 nIUm Warenwirtschaft

Pop 32.25
Vit 3.09

nIUm Wawi is a German Language billing and accounting system.

Download Website Updated 07 Jun 2005 Credential Validation Module

Pop 33.41
Vit 4.15

CVM (Credential Validation Module) is a modular system for validating credentials and providing information about them, using either piped command execution, Unix sockets, or UDP as the data transport. It is designed to be simpler than other existing systems (like PAM and Courier's authentication modules) and yet adequately functional for the majority of tasks.

Download Website Updated 27 Oct 2009 dibol to C translator

Pop 16.19
Vit 68.78

dibol to C translator is a program that translates dibol source to C. Actually, it parses the whole dibol 83 specification, and a subset of the dibol85 one.

Download Website Updated 05 May 2006 BitTorrent

Pop 515.52
Vit 8.47

BitTorrent is a tool for copying files from one machine to another. FTP punishes sites for being popular. Since all uploading is done from one place, a popular site needs big iron and big bandwidth. With BitTorrent, clients automatically mirror files they download, making the publisher's burden almost nothing.

Download Website Updated 11 Mar 2004 HTTP Fetcher

Pop 30.40
Vit 2.25

HTTP Fetcher is a small, robust, flexible library for downloading files via HTTP using the GET method. It's easy to use, but it also allows you to customize and manipulate your file requests through altering the User Agent, Referer, timeout, etc. The error reporting functions give you a simple, clean interface through which to obtain information about a problem. HTTP Fetcher is designed to let you retrieve files via HTTP quickly and easily without having to reinvent the wheel. From this base you can build interactive download tools (like fetch), site mirroring tools, Web spiders, or anything with a need to do HTTP GETs.

No download Website Updated 07 Jun 2013 Socket++

Pop 118.71
Vit 2.00

Socket++ library defines a family of C++ classes that can be used more effectively for using sockets than directly calling the underlying low-level system functions. One distinct advantage of Socket++ is that it has the same interface as that of the iostream so that the users can perform type-safe input/output.

No download Website Updated 21 Jul 2008 make_uninstall

Pop 93.91
Vit 4.44

make_uninstall is used to monitor a command like 'make install', so a record of the install can be created, which will allow you to completely remove the package from your system later.


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A SFTP plugin for the Total Commander based on PuTTY.


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A distributed system monitoring solution.