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Download Website Updated 18 Jan 2014 gmusicbrowser

Pop 166.70
Vit 22.08

gmusicbrowser is a jukebox designed with large music libraries of over 10,000 MP3, Ogg, m4a, FLAC, and MPC files in mind. It has easy access to related songs (same artist, album, or title) and supports multiple genres per song, ratings, and labels. It has extensive filtering capabilities, customizable random modes, customizable window layouts, mass-tagging, and more.

Download Website Updated 21 Jan 2007 gnetload network load meter

Pop 19.60
Vit 2.18

The gnetload network load meter is a network and ISDN load meter that is similar to xisdnload, but works in a distributed environment. It includes an agent (devstata) that runs on machines with interfaces to be monitored and periodically sends status information over the network. A display program (gnetload) collects and displays the data. Both can be run on the same machine, or be used to report on the state of a dedicated router on another machine. Using multicast or broadcast addresses, data can be fed to more than one instance of gnetload. A menu for taking network interfaces up and down is also provided.

Download Website Updated 23 Mar 2003 gnetmd

Pop 32.02
Vit 2.04

gnetmd is a suite of NetMD-related programs and plugins. It includes the libgnetmd library, a standalone GNOME2.0 frontend, an XMMS plugin, and a Nautilus view.

Download No website Updated 05 Apr 2009 gnetscan

Pop 12.37
Vit 43.59

gnetscan is a small and fast port scanner.

Download Website Updated 12 Mar 2010 gnetworktester

Pop 62.67
Vit 2.23

Gnetworktester is an application that helps users in testing the quality of a network connection and in sending complaints on that to the network provider. A procedure of testing takes three steps: choosing the network nodes; automatic pinging of those nodes to collect statistics on packet losses, delays, and overall quality; and automatic report writing.

Download Website Updated 17 May 2002 gnochive

Pop 60.50
Vit 5.84

gnochive is a GNOME frontend for all common archivers under Linux.

No download Website Updated 08 Apr 2010 gnocl

Pop 69.06
Vit 9.55

gnocl is a GTK+ / Gnome extension for the programming language Tcl, loosely modeled after the Tk package. It provides easy to use commands to build quickly GTK+ / Gnome-compliant applications including a canvas widget, GConf, and drag and drop.

Download Website Updated 02 Dec 2011 gnokii

Pop 538.32
Vit 19.57

gnokii is a multisystem tool suite for mobile phones. It provides a library to communicate with a phone hiding the communication protocol. The library handles SMS, phonebook, calendar, phone calls, and other mobile phone capabilities. It supports Nokia-FBUS mobiles, AT-capable phones (most of the mobiles), as well as Symbian-based phones.

Download Website Updated 08 Oct 2002 gnome-chord

Pop 39.04
Vit 3.48

gnome-chord is a guitar chord index that displays a selected chord on a guitar fretboard.

No download Website Updated 05 Aug 2002 gnome-courier

Pop 12.49
Vit 1.00

gnome-courier is a collection of programs for courier services. It includes programs for managing clients, managing coworkers, managing jobs (receiving, distributing, and editing), printing bills and overdue notices, and managing the payroll. Various statistical modules are available, and since the project is based on a modular concept, it can easily be extended.


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PDF Split and Merge

A tool to split and merge PDF files.


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A 3D virtual environment server platform.