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Download Website Updated 11 Jul 2000 Reliable MultiCast SDK

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Reliable Multicast SDK (aka Remade) is a set of Java-based APIs intended for the creation of reliable multicast delivery applications. A reliable multicast transport protocol is implemented and serves as the basis for Remade. The toolkit provides a high-level intuitive interface to the protocol. One can simply call "transmit file" function at the head-end server, "receive file" function at the end-user client, and not to worry about multicast address allocation, reliability repair mechanism, or other details.

Download Website Updated 19 Aug 2000 Bob

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Bob dynamically (as KBML or IBM's BML) builds Java objects from a formal description, written in XML, LISP, or C. This helps to add powerful customization support to your application.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 LibPETMAX

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LibPETMAX is a library written in C++ which contains 4 classes: Mixer, CD, Mp3, and Id3Tag. These classes are designed to make it easier to write programs that make use of or manipulate the items that they represent. Only the Mixer class is currently finished.

Download Website Updated 27 Aug 2000 pyHnj

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pyHnj is an extension wrapper for Raph Levien's libhnj hyphenation library. The author thought it would be funny to write a wrapper around it, and by doing so give all Python users the ability to gratuitously hyphenate whole paragraphs.

Download Website Updated 29 Aug 2000 JReporter

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JReporter is a component-based Java 1.2 package for generating printed reports. One puts together a report in pieces, putting each piece into a "Report" object, then prints it out. JReporter handles page breaks and item positioning. Classes are included to allow one to automatically generate printed reports right from JDBC ResultSets. Extensible report setup dialogs (using Swing) are also included.

Download Website Updated 18 Sep 2000 Pisces

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Pisces is a Python implementation of the SPKI certificate standard. In addition, it includes several utilities and libraries that were required to support SPKI: an ASN.1 parser, a Yarrow daemon, and a PKCS5 password-based cryptography module. The SPKI support is incomplete, but includes a parser, a library for manipulating SPKI objects, and a command-line utility for creating and using keys, certificates, and signatures.

No download Website Updated 06 Oct 2000 isbn.pl

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isbn.pl contains a single, simple function which returns a book record from the US Library of Congress based on a single incoming ISBN. It is intended for use in other packages, such as barcode reader drivers, to provide users of those tools with the extensive cataloging metadata librarians have created over the years. It differs from other tools seen so far in that the data returned is in the MARC format, the heavily used, ancient metadata standard originally based on library catalog cards. It thus provides much data in a known syntax via a known query protocol (z39.50, using Zeta), rather than via Web page screen scraping.

Download Website Updated 30 Jan 2001 C++ Cuecat Scan Translation Object

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scandata.cpp is a C++ object, based on the foocat code. It takes a scan and converts it to its components, then interprets an ISBN or UPC.

Download Website Updated 20 Oct 2000 Jasmin

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The Jasmin software distribution includes an implementation of the Script MIB according to RFC 2592 with a Java runtime engine, a selection of demonstration scripts, a Java package called "scriptmib" supporting the development of manager applications for the Script MIB, Smurf, a graphical user interface to the Script MIB, and JAX, a Java package for building AgentX sub-agents.

Download Website Updated 26 Oct 2000 TinyScheme

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TinyScheme is a lightweight Scheme interpreter that implements as large a subset of R5RS as possible without getting very large and complicated. It is meant to be used as an embedded scripting interpreter for other programs. As such, it does not offer IDEs or extensive toolkits although it does sport a small top-level loop, included conditionally. A lot of functionality in TinyScheme is included conditionally, and it allows multiple interpreter states to coexist in the same program without any interference between them. Foreign functions in C can also be added and values can be defined in the Scheme environment.


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