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Download Website Updated 25 Apr 2008 The Zenautics Matrix Project

Pop 10.95
Vit 1.42

The Zenautics Matrix Project is a matrix/vector class for C++. It supports real and complex data for nearly all matrix algebra calculations. It is optimized for the double type (std::complex). It works well with small and large matrices. It is easy to use and get started. It features plotting, FFT/IFFT, and more.

Download Website Updated 24 Apr 2008 jSpellCorrect

Pop 29.92
Vit 2.14

jSpellCorrect is a Java implementation of a statistical spelling checking algorithm.

No download Website Updated 24 Apr 2008 cogen

Pop 13.34
Vit 47.18

cogen provides coroutines and cross-platform asynchronous networking for Python. It uses enhanced generators from Python 2.5 and supports epoll, kqueue, Win32 IO completion ports, sendfile, and a WSGI server with asynchronous extensions.

No download Website Updated 23 Apr 2008 Geekinfo

Pop 10.15
Vit 47.19

Geekinfo is a library that reports system information under a number of different operating system (Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, and Solaris) and architectures (PowerPC and x86).

Download Website Updated 23 Apr 2008 mvnForum

Pop 182.66
Vit 4.74

mvnForum is a powerful, easy to use bulletin board.

No download Website Updated 22 Apr 2008 dramatis

Pop 9.38
Vit 47.20

dramatis is an actor library for dynamic languages like Ruby and Python. It allows developers to create concurrent programs in these languages using the actor model rather than having to use low-level threads.

No download Website Updated 21 Apr 2008 TuxCap Games Framework

Pop 31.75
Vit 3.15

The TuxCap games framework is a GNU/Linux port of the PopCap games framework, which is used for professional 2D game development. It is written in C++ and supports both software and hardware accelerated drawing, comes with Python bindings, a very fast physics engine, a particle engine, a GUI widget system, and many documented examples to get you started.

Download Website Updated 20 Apr 2008 libConfuse

Pop 72.56
Vit 3.63

libConfuse is a configuration file parser library written in C. It's goal is to be easy to use and quick to integrate into existing code. It supports sections and (lists of) values (strings, integers, floats, booleans, or other sections), as well as some other features (such as single/double-quoted strings, environment variable expansion, functions, and nested include statements). It makes it very easy to add configuration file capability to a program using a simple API.

Download Website Updated 20 Apr 2008 Unified I/O

Pop 96.99
Vit 6.27

Unified I/O is high performance Java I/O library. It features high performance (due to buffering), memory management, the ability to access streams, arrays, and files using the same interface, the ability to read or write directly from or into primitive arrays, and optimized reading over HTTP. Unified I/O also contains many utilities: Transformer, BitInputStream and BitOutputStream, PackBits, a RLE4 and RLE8 decoder, a base64 codec implementation, and many others.

No download Website Updated 19 Apr 2008 MilcovLib

Pop 11.27
Vit 1.00

MilcovLib is a PHP library for CLI execution. It supports all of the typical CLI tasks such as parameter parsing, VT100 color output, and syslog error output.


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A Swiss Army Knife for inventory management.


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A ncurses-based Jabber client.