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Download Website Updated 22 Jul 2005 ERW

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ERW (Entities and Relationships on the Web) is an innovative system for handling complex databases using a Web browser. It uses the most recent standards endorsed by the W3C to offer to the user a sophisticated environment, similar to a dedicated client. Moreover, the user interface is generated in a completely automatic way starting from a conceptual description of the database by means of an XML-based description language for entity-relationship schemata. From the same description, you can also automatically obtain diagrams and documentation. ERW can be used for content management, in particular when the data is structured along complex relations.

No download Website Updated 09 May 2005 mailto.php

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Mailto.php reclaims HTML mailto: links from the clutches of address harvesters. It's a PHP library containing functions that generate JavaScript which produce mailto: links, but keep the email addresses obfuscated so they can't be picked up by email address harvesters.

Download Website Updated 15 Feb 2002 openTicket

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OpenTicket functions as an incident manager, handling trouble-tickets and providing a mechanism for the resolution of all incidents. More specifically, openTicket serves as the Service Desk interface and handles the life cycle of incidents and service requests. The focus of openTicket is speed and efficiency. Unlike other call-tracking tools which offer a plethora of text fields, pull-down menus, and associated data, openTicket's interface is stripped down as much as possible without sacrificing key information. The benchmark used to determine efficiency is the 30-second test. If you know the user's name and you know the issue, it should take no longer than 30 seconds from the moment you begin looking up the user to the moment the ticket (including all relevant information) has been created and entered into the database.

Download Website Updated 28 Jan 2003 HTMLSpeak!

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HTMLSpeak! is a simple-yet-powerful HTML-based chat script. It uses a small amount of bandwidth and is very customizable.

No download Website Updated 01 Feb 2002 WebUMake Instant Helper

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WebUMake Instant Helper makes it easy for visitors to your Web site to chat with you, live. It tells you who is revisiting and whom you have chatted with previously.

Download Website Updated 26 Jan 2002 Richy's Site Map

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Richy's Site Map implements a site map. All administration/configuration can be performed using a Web browser. The aim of this project is to be highly structured and customizable, and to separate CSS, HTML, and PHP code. Care has been taken to make the use of Richy's Site Map as easy as possible for people who don't know any PHP. Although Richy's Site Map is designed to be used with frame-capable browsers, almost everything works under Lynx.

Download Website Updated 23 Jan 2002 CODE:NEO

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The CODE:NEO Application Server is a Web server extension that bridges the gap between web interfaces and compiled code. It allows the user to build "Joints" with .CnBin extensions, which can be called through the Web server and operate at ultra-fast speeds. CODE:NEO also comes with two API libraries (CnUtil and CnServer) that provide many convenient rapid development tools.

No download Website Updated 21 Jan 2002 JSpell

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JSpell is a server-based spell checker that allows you to spell check any HTML input field and form. It is i18n compliant and has dialogs for multiple languages available. It can be used to add spell checking capabilities to HTML forms on your Web site. This spell checker is compatible with JSP, ASP, CGI, PHP, Cold Fusion, Oracle Forms, etc.

No download Website Updated 19 Jan 2002 Primo Dynamic Web Content Manager

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The Primo Dynamic Web Content Manager allows users to create and manage a Web site without requiring a database or root privileges. The only requirement is a Web server that can run Perl CGI. The output of the software is simple HTML. Perl is used to create, modify, and enable polls and forums. Cascading Style Sheets and XML are heavily used.

Download Website Updated 12 Apr 2010 Bricolage

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Bricolage greatly simplifies the complex tasks of creating, managing, and publishing vast libraries of content. With advanced features such as fully-configurable workflows, customizable document types, and comprehensive Perl and PHP templating support, it has been designed from the ground up to scale to meet the demanding needs of large organizations around the world.


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