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Download Website Updated 06 Nov 2005 clsJSPHP

Pop 20.17
Vit 1.73

clsJSPHP is a PHP class that allows you to create richer Web applications. It allows a PHP application to send asynchronous and synchronous requests to a server without reloading the page.

Download Website Updated 15 Jan 2010 cmndbot

Pop 16.31
Vit 2.03

CMNDBOT is a port of GOZERBOT to the Google Wave platform. It allows you to execute commands that you can program easily through the use of plugins. Web and Jabber (XMPP) access is also supported. A few GOZERBOT plugins have been ported.

No download Website Updated 21 Jun 2005 conceptRTE

Pop 10.39
Vit 1.00

ConceptRTE is a WYSIWYG editor replacement for fields. This is an alternate version of the original Cross-Browser Rich Text Editor that uses a browser based WYSIWYG interface for the non-HTML user to create content for Web publishing. Multi-language support and the ability to be called from a PHP page are implemented to provide flexibility and simple installation. It is a sub-project of ConceptCMS.

No download Website Updated 03 Mar 2011 confirm-mail

Pop 26.10
Vit 1.00

confirm-mail is an extension for Mozilla Thunderbird that enables confirmation of email addresses and attachments before sending email.

No download Website Updated 09 Jan 2006 core2

Pop 29.50
Vit 1.42

core2 is a library that extends the ECMAScript built-in objects: Array, Boolean, Date, Error, Function, Number, Object, and String.

Download Website Updated 01 Dec 2004 cros

Pop 11.09
Vit 1.00

cros is an operator stacking system, heavily inspired by a RAD tool for composing demos named Werkkzeug. It allows the user to drag and drop nodes, attach them to each other, and change their properties. The backend is currently highly experimental.

No download Website Updated 25 Jun 2012 cupQ

Pop 19.36
Vit 26.89

cupQ (a.k.a. "cupQuery") is an easy-to-use cross-browser JavaScript library which allows querying and manipulation of HTML DOM documents using standard selectors to get output as an array. Any cupQ method always returns results in the form of an array, so to track any individual values of the result, an index is used to specify the target item or node in the resulting array. By default, cupQ starts Querying the HTML DOM from the root or the "document" object element, but this can be customized to start querying from any specific node of the DOM by supplying "targetNode", which can be any document, any DOM node, or an array with nodes. cupQ can be used to execute getter/setters to target and manipulate different nodes and their attributes, styles, HTML, and text contents. Any cupQ object supports a plugin architecture, so it can be extended to add new features utilizing the existing ones.

Download Website Updated 10 Feb 2005 cvebrowser

Pop 34.19
Vit 1.87

CVE browser is a Java Web search engine for the Mitre CVE vulnerability dictionary, which is available at www.cve.mitre.org. It includes automated dictionary update downloads from the Mitre site (CAN and CVE files), automated loading of the dictionary into a local database, and Web-based search tools for the dictionary data made available by Mitre.

Download Website Updated 24 Oct 2004 da bouchot Tribioune

Pop 16.67
Vit 2.91

da bouchot Tribioune is a Web-based IRC style board called "a tribune libre". The interface supports HFR smileys and common smileys. There is full UTF-8 support.

Download Website Updated 28 Jan 2009 daloRADIUS

Pop 73.99
Vit 3.76

daloRADIUS is an advanced RADIUS web management application aimed at managing hotspots and general-purpose ISP deployments. It features user management, graphical reporting, accounting, and a billing engine, and integrates with GoogleMaps for geo-locating.


Project Spotlight


A framework for rapid development of AJAX Java Enterprise applications.


Project Spotlight


Provides a generic CDS (or ARINC 661 Server) conforming to the ARINC 661 standard.