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No download Website Updated 27 Oct 2005 Abstract User Interface Markup Language To...

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Vit 1.83

The Abstract User Interface Markup Language Toolkit is a rapid-development tool that assists developers in writing GUIs to run as either Swing applications or on the Web without any changes. It provides rapid prototyping with an Eclipse-based Visual Builder, a DataBean implementation, built-in data validation, built-in internationalization, and more.

    Download Website Updated 05 Feb 2014 Acceleo

    Pop 99.14
    Vit 10.56

    Acceleo is a code generator designed to efficiently implement the MDA approach (Model Driven Architecture) and to improve software development productivity. It is natively integrated with Eclipse and EMF. It includes tools and editors making it easy to learn and to adapt to any kind of project or technology. It provides incremental generation, meta-model interoperability, simple and extensible syntax, template driven customization, and more.

    Download Website Updated 30 May 2003 Access Control Designer

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    Vit 1.00

    Access Control Designer is a universal modular tool for visually designing access control policies. The user of this system depicts requirements for the designed security policy in a graphical notation based on a generally accepted security model. The tool will then generate a configuration of security mechanisms, which will be used for the implementation of the security policy. Modularity of the tool will allow users to design security policies for a lot of various environments - systems needed to have access controlled. A pluggable module API allows third-party programmers to provide ACD modules for systems and so allow users to use ACD for designing access control policies for the systems.

    Download Website Updated 26 Jun 2006 Access Modifier Eclipse Plug-in

    Pop 51.94
    Vit 3.37

    The AccessModifier Plug-in for Eclipse allows the user to change the visibility (public, protected, default, private) and other modifiers (final, static) of Java classes, interfaces, methods, and fields in the workbench's Outline, Members, and Package Explorer views.

    Download No website Updated 04 Jun 2013 Access Road

    Pop 113.74
    Vit 10.43

    Access Road is a universal simulator of access controls that is intended to improve design and auditing of IT security. It provides simulations of GNU/Linux (components and rights on the file system), MySQL Server (components and privileges), and a generic Role-Based-Access-Control application. It is designed for database, system, and application administrators, IT architects and developers, and auditors. Reliability and the ability to explain the results are the main objectives. Tutorials of 80 pages are provided. A powerful framework allows new simulations to be added.

    No download Website Updated 29 Nov 2005 Accha

    Pop 14.90
    Vit 1.42

    Accha is a program intended for helping people learn the Hindi alphabet, Devanāgarī. It includes audio of the correct pronunciations as well as many other features.

    No download Website Updated 08 Sep 2008 AcchaNi

    Pop 28.12
    Vit 1.77

    AcchaNi is a program that assists with learning Japanese. It is cross-platform, requires no special Japanese fonts or encoding, has built-in hiragana input, and supports iterative learning modes.

    Download Website Updated 21 May 2010 AccolorHelper

    Pop 15.26
    Vit 38.59

    AccolorHelper is a simple utility that makes it very easy to choose color combinations that can also be read easily by people with color vision deficiencies.

    Download Website Updated 24 Feb 2013 Ace Operator

    Pop 122.26
    Vit 12.72

    Ace Operator enables live click to chat service between company representatives and customers from the company Web site. It allows customers to contact live agents at the click of a button, engage in interactive chat-based conversation, and exchange information using multimedia content. It is an application for support and any kind of customer services over the Web.

    Download Website Updated 19 Jan 2012 AceWiki

    Pop 64.01
    Vit 6.33

    AceWiki is a semantic wiki that is powerful and at the same time easy to use. Making use of the controlled natural language ACE, the formal statements of the wiki are shown in a way that looks like natural English. In order to help the users to write correct ACE sentences, AceWiki provides a predictive editor.


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